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A Woman Raped Every 26 Seconds in South Africa

One facet of post-apartheid South Africa that hasn’t received such extensive and laudatory publicity as Nelson Mandela. Trouble is: there are many more such items that don’t fit in with the marketing of the “new South Africa”

Occult Colonization of the Developed World?

Is this the beginning of a permanent decline to Third World Status as foreseen in the Protocols of Zion? Henry Makow investigates

Caught in Bed with Evil

As a humanitarian crisis in Gaza unfolds, Gilad Atzmon admits: Looking at Parliament, Miliband and the Royal family I must admit, I have much to learn about compassion before I become a genuine British subject

Gaza and the Psychopaths

You are unlikely to see it prominently displayed in the mainstream media, so Smoking Mirrors details Israel’s charge sheet

Obama is not about “Change”

Some straight-talking African-American prespective on Barack Obama, which this website is in total agreement with. For Obama’s claim to being “black” is no more than a cynical vote-catching ploy

The First Barons of Banking

Baron David de Rothschild sees a New World Order emerging from global banking governance

Editor of Jihad Unspun Missing

A correspondent in Pakistan reports that the editor of Jihad Unspun has gone missing in the troubled tribal province of North Waziristan

‘We Won’t Let Iran Go Nuclear’

The head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s Diplomatic-Security Bureau has told the Jerusalem Post’s David Horovitz that Israel “cannot be reconciled” to a nuclear Iran

New Police Raid at Dr. Faurisson’s home

Historical revisionist Robert Faurisson recounts a recent encounter with French police

Voice of the White House November 17, 2008

The latest bulletin from a Washington Beltway insider

Woman ‘faked neo-Nazi attack’

Yet another claimed ‘Nazi’ attack proves baseless but this one has an ironic twist

Al-Qaeda declares war on Iran

The abduction of an Iranian attaché in Pakistan can be interpreted as the onset of war between Iran and al-Qaeda, says a senior militant

‘Israel, Germany develop warning system’

To counter the perceived Iranian threat, Israel and Germany have reportedly been working in secret to develop a nuclear missile detection system

Dershowitz: I helped keep Carter silent

Dershowitz openly admits to manipulating an ex-president and the president elect. Does this mean that Obama will continue to follow the dictates of the Zionist lobby?

The Synagogue of Satan

An excerpt from Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s book in which, among other things, he reveals some intriguing parallels between 9/11 and the 7/7 attacks in London

No Organic Bee Losses

While most Beekeepers have been devastated by Colony Collapse Disorder – a still undiagnosed ailment that is wiping out entire hives – beekeepers involved in the production of organic honey report no ill effects

The United Nations of New Jerusalem and The Empire of Zog

Smoking Mirrors presents a chilling but entirely plausible vision of what may be in store

Palestinians protest against Museum of Tolerance planned over Muslim cemetery

In a ruling that reveals a truly cynical understanding of ‘tolerance’, Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that a Museum of Tolerance may be built over a cemetary of 400-year-old Muslim graves – despite widespread Palestinian objections

Russia extends presidential term

Thereby opening the way for Putin to return to the presidency

Israeli Terrorist Mass Murderer And Businessman Dominik Suter Applies For Second SBA Loan

The former head of Urban Movers, who hurriedly left for Israel after 9/11, is back in the U.S. in the garbage disposal business