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Kashkari Leaps From Obscurity to Lead Role in Rescue

Kashkari Leaps From Obscurity to Lead Role in Rescue

In less than two weeks, the 35-year-old former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker has risen from obscurity to center stage in the U.S. financial crisis. Monday night he made his debut policy speech

Voice of the White House October 13, 2008

A Beltway insider with more on the hijacking of the MV Iran Denyant, an Iranian cargo vessel purportedly en route to Israel laden with a highly radioactive cargo

Israel and the Exodus of America’s Wealth

During George Bush’s recent trip to Israel he was told, in effect: ‘Give us the wars we demand or we’ll take the world down piece by piece, starting with America’

Illuminati Bankers Seek "Revolution" by Economic Means

Illuminati Bankers Seek “Revolution” by Economic Means

Do you think Rich Fuld, the CEO of Lehman Brothers, got a $250 million sendoff for driving his company into bankruptcy? No, that’s likely his payoff for selling out his employees and his country. Multiply that throughout the financial industry

Iranian pilots show off dogfighting skills in war games

Iranian fighters and bombers took off early Friday morning to commence simulated air combat drills

New information in Belliraj case sparks official review in Belgium

It has been revealed that the alleged mastermind behind a Morroccan terror network had extensive contact with Western intelligence

3 charged in Pikesville vandalism

A familiar story: a Hebrew Congregation centre is defaced with ‘Anti-Semitic’ graffiti. However, police investigations reveal that the perpetrators are themselves Jewish

Obama October Surprise

On August 21, 2008 Mr Berg filed a federal lawsuit against Barack Obama, claiming he was not a U.S. citizen and therefore not eligible for the presidency. The case requires that Obama present documents proving otherwise. He has yet to do so

Iran to flex muscles in aerial drill

Iran to flex muscles in aerial drill

In anticipation of possible Israeli air strikes, Iran conducted its own aerial exercise starting Thursday; involving Iran’s Phantoms, F-5’s, F-14 Tomcats, its own domestically designed and built fighters and Boeing KC-707 aerial refuelling tankers

Kabul Is Now Surrounded By The Taliban

Seven years of occupation have seen a stark reversal of fortune in Afghanistan with desperados running rampant and the Taliban at the gates of Kabul

Report: Jesse Jackson says Obama will rid U.S. of ‘Zionist’ control

Someone should tell Jackson that Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden is an avowed Zionist who is on record as saying: “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”

Jacqui Smith plans broad new ‘Big Brother’ surveillance powers

Already home to the most intensely monitored populations on earth, the UK government seeks even more extensive powers of surveillance

The Pregnant Tick and Tock of The Reality Bomb

I want so very badly to be wrong about what I am seeing. It would please me no end to be shown to be a paranoid and delusional fool. I can hear the clock ticking the way you sometimes do when you can’t sleep and every sound is magnified

Euro, Sterling, Dollar May Be Destroyed Zimbabwe-Style

And if that happens we can expect the price of precious metals – especially gold – to skyrocket

Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami?

With Afghanistan and Iraq already lost, the Wall Street bankers were all desperately looking for other ways to control our world, when suddenly and very conveniently, the Sumatran Trench exploded. Trick or Treat? Joe Vialls investigates

Boffins conclude machines still not quite people

Politicians are not quite ready to pass themselves off as human: but machines are almost there

Iran: Enemies won’t dare to attack

A senior Iran naval commander says America and Israel won’t dare attack Iran but we believe he’s mistaken and this will become apparent in the next 6 to 12 months

US says Iran bribes Iraqi lawmakers to oppose pact

The U.S. commander in Iraq has accused Tehran of bribing Iraqi lawmakers to oppose a deal that would allow U.S. forces to remain in Iraq beyond the end of this year

Bush ‘Most Related’ Salem Witch Trials Descendent

Witches join the president’s family history of heretics, Nazis and Satanists

McCain Camp Ignores Questions About Candidate’s Military Record

Unlike the Internet and Rolling Stone magazine, the mainstream media has largely ignored accusations that McCain may have started the fire that destroyed the USS Forrestal