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The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili

F. William Engdahl examines some of the forces behind Georgia’s mafioso President

Iran improves warplanes flight range

The commander of Iran’s air force has revealed that Iran’s air force had been upgraded enabling some aircraft to fly up to 3,000 kilometres without refuelling. Putting Israel well within the reach of Iran’s air power

Criminalizing natural healing

They made cannabis, an important industrial and food plant, illegal. Now they are on the verge of making ALL plants illegal and /or under corporate control

Lady Diana – Photo take in the alma tunnel before the crash

Together with the supposed “suicide” of one the photographers who were close to the scene of Princess Diana’s fatal crash, this video examines more evidence at odds with the official account of her death

Putin’s Winning Hand

In contrast to President Bush it seems like Putin has all the trump cards. Mike Whitney examines how he may use them

The Judeo Masonic Roots of Modern “Culture”

When a supposedly “serious” news program describes a play about “sexual love” between a married man and a goat as “Funny, moving and tragic”, one has to ask: where is modern “culture” heading? And who precisely is steering it?

“I Was Murdered!! Can You Hear Me?”

In a crime committed by one of America’s supposed “allies”, and which the U.S. political establishment has been trying to conceal ever since: Phillip F. Tourney reflects on his shipmates sent to a watery grave over forty years ago

Voice of the White House August 15, 2008

A Beltway insider explains how when the Russian military struck into Georgia they not only put the Georgian army to flight but, literally, thousands of U.S. and Israeli military, diplomatic and intelligence personnel too

Georgia: Israel’s home Sweet Home

Israel’s connection with Georgia goes back more than a thousand year, which may explain the depth of Israeli involvement in its recent conflict with Russia. Hesham Tillawi explains

Iran Warned Not To Allow War Pretext

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Saudi King Abdullah have warned Iran against allowing the U.S. or Israel any pretext for an attack

O’Loan: We may never see these killers brought to justice

Even as the former Police Ombudsman who carried out a probe into the RUC handling of the Omagh bombing, says the families are unlikely see the killers ever brought to justice, its revealed that police were warned but did nothing

Georgian minister: Israel has sold us out

Temur Yakobashvili, a Georgian minister who speaks fluent Hebrew, says Israel and the West were “betraying” Georgia

Saakashvili forgets about his people in media fever

Over the last few days Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili has thrown much of his effort into convincing the wider world that Georgia was the victim, not the instigator, of the military conflict. A Russian perspective on the Georgian leader

Who Owns This?

Who Owns This?

Take the test in this photo essay. Veiw these sumptuous surroundings and try to guess the owner

Russia: Poland risks attack because of US missiles

The Cold War is back

Al-Qa’ida sends its warriors from Iraq to wage ‘jihad’ in Lebanon

Wednesday’s bombing in Tripoli has rekindled old animosity

George Soros and the Georgian Conflict

Brother Nathaneal Kapner examines the role of billionaire George Soros in events leading up to the current crisis in Georgia

Iran is buying time on nuclear issue

Unlike some commentators we believe that Iran IS trying to develop nuclear weapons and is trying to buy time to do so. And although we don’t condone it, this is an entirely understandable response to Israel’s regional nuclear hegemony

Editorial Correction

Apologies to readers are thus in order

Iran warns against ‘surprise attack’

As a large U.S. naval armada sails towards the Persian Gulf, Iran’s Defence minister warns that Iran has some surprises in store for any potential aggressor