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Sean Hannity Nailed on own Show over past associations with Hal Turner

….another high tech lynching of Barack Obama on Hannity & Colmes

Satanic Verse … of the Jewish Talmud!

Born a Jew but now a Christian convert, Brother Nathanael Kapner writes that Christendom has fawned all over the Jews for the last 60 years. But all of this is now coming to an end

Voice of the White house March 17, 2008

This week the Beltway insider reports on documents smuggled out of the CIA by a former insider that finally lay to rest the myth of Cold War animosity between the U.S. and Russia. Follow link for further insight

Denying Everything: A Holocaust of Bacon and Lies

Mike James reports from the border of Switzerland and Germany, a land where Holocaust ‘heretics’ are now routinely thrown in jail for voicing their opinions

Adolph Eichmann, Iran and the Holocaust Conference

Adolph Eichmann, Iran and the Holocaust Conference

T Stokes takes another look at Adolf Eichmann, the supposed architect of the ‘Final Solution’ who was kidnapped, tried and executed by the Israelis as a ‘War Criminal’

French and Dutch Patriots Rout the New World Order

With the decisive French Non result and Dutch voters also rejecting the EU constitution, writes Michael James, the fight-back has begun

That’s What Friends Are For

The BBC’s Director General, Greg Dyke recently announced his resignation and you can almost imagine Tony Blair congratulating him. Indeed he may well be doing so over drinks and praise for a part well played

Lying Is Good Government – Blair’s New WMD Inquiry Chief

In following President Bush in his usual poodle-like fashion, the war criminal Tony Blair has approved the launch of an inquiry into Iraq’s mysterious absence of weapons of mass destruction. And in so doing, he has appointed another notorious proponent of deceit, Lord Butler, to head up his planned “limited hangout”. Following in a long […]

Germany Imposes Draconian Internet Tax On Citizens

Compulsory Mass Registration Of Mobile Phones Next Germany has become the first country in the world to tax private personal computers that are deemed to be “Internet-capable”. The plan, long in the offing, was agreed in Berlin by the Conference of Prime Ministers of the Federal States of Germany on October 8. It is being […]

Washington’s ‘Poisoned Relations’ and the German Problem

Notwithstanding Gerhard Schroeder’s re-election as Prime Minister of Germany, the President of the United States has made it known that he still expects regime change. Mr Schroeder does not possess weapons of mass destruction, nor is he threatening the economic welfare of the American people. His crime is much worse. He has called into question […]

Study: Israeli Jews becoming increasingly racist toward Arabs

While Zionists are quick to condemn anti-Semitism, a report released Wednesday found anti-Arab racism is flourishing in Israel

Foreign Ministry summons Swiss envoy to J’lem over Iran deal

Israel officially complained to the Swiss Ambassador over a deal between Switzerland and Iran for the supply of Iranian natural gas for Europe

Today is March 19, step away from the Machine

Change direction and move forward to a better world, or… continue on to perdition. It really is up to you

Dear Lou Dobbs, Who Owns the Federal Reserve?

The Federal Reserve is like a big Mafia loan shark. It owns the United States in the same way a loan shark owns his “clients!” There is absolutely no difference between the two

Computer Hackers Allege That Notorious Neo-Nazi Radio Host Is on FBI Payroll

Allegations that white supremacist Hal Turner may be a government stooge cannot be entirely dismissed. It’s a historical fact that such figures have been used to promote a hidden agenda. Hitler being a prime example

The Painfully Silent Genocide of the German People

If your news staple is CNN or the BBC, you probably won’t have heard that hundreds of thousands of Germans are now suffering levels of poverty unknown since the Weimar republic. Mike James reports on the decline of a once proud and prosperous nation

Boston Dynamics Big Dog

Watch the robotic pack mule being tested

Kids loaned out for rape cruises

Police investigating the Jersey Care Homes scandal have revealed that paedophile yachtsmen were given children to abuse at sea

House Goes Behind Closed Doors To Debate Surveillance Bill

For the first time in 25 years the US Congress debated a hotly contested surveillance bill last week, which lawmakers were FORBIDDEN to talk about afterwards. However, word has leaked out about the proceedings sparking alarm in some quarters

More to the Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer than Meets the Eye

The political assassination of Elliot Spitzer is–like all things taking place in the Occupied Territories known as the United States these days–the proverbial tip of the iceberg