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U.S. army, short of soldiers, sends troops with minor injuries to Iraq

Feel a draft coming?

Why does France need a military base in the Persian Gulf?

France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy has just signed a deal with Abu Dhabi allowing it to establish a permanent military presence in the Gulf

British Home Secretary targets internet extremism

The implication being that “terrorists” and “paedophiles” are running rampant and we need a crackdown on the Internet

“Art” Films Pack Ideological Sucker Punch

The illuminati grabbed control of the mass media because they understood its overwhelming power to set social norms. Henry Makow examines two recent examples

Hezbollah chief scoffs at Israel at rare public appearance

Rubbing salt into old wounds inflicted during the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Hezbollah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah said: “If Israel launches a new war against Lebanon, we promise them a war that will change the face of the entire region”

Ron Paul, John Edwards and the Powers that Be.

While we slept, vicious flesh-eating swine have insinuated themselves into every area of our lives. They’re assaulted the constitution. They’ve assaulted their own country. They intend to make it worse. How much can you take? We’ll see won’t we?

Twenty-five U.S. Military Officers Challenge Official Account of 9/11

Official Account of 9/11: “Impossible”, “A Bunch of Hogwash”, “Total B.S.”, “Ludicrous”, “A Well-Organized Cover-up”, “A White-Washed Farce”

The Internet Must Die

Six vast corporate conglomerates control about 80% of what most Americans read, hear and watch. The Internet undermines that dominance, which is why it is in the interests of corporate media to destroy it

There Is No “War on Terror”

One of the most telling signs of the political naiveté of US liberals and the Left has been their faith in a worldview that blankets America. Nowhere is this more evident than in their acceptance that there really is something called a “war on terror”

Afghanistan war is just beginning: report

A NGO security group report concludes that “2007 will likely be looked back upon as the year in which the Taliban seriously rejoined the fight”

Voice of the White House January 16, 2008

Forget U.S. banks, writes a Beltway insider. Your investments would probably be safer in a Russian or Irish bank rather than any U.S. financial institution

Scorpion Logic

Jack Graham wrote recently that America is not the Great Satan. True, but under Bush, it will fill the bill until the real Satan comes along. So if you see Bush doing a good deed, run to the optician!

Israel test-fires ballistic missile after Iran warning

In language reminiscent of President Bush’s earlier warnings, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned that all options were on the table to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons

John F. Kennedy vs The Federal Reserve

On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110, which was enabled to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. Was this the reason Kennedy was assassinated?

Too Much of a Coincidence

Too Much of a Coincidence

In response to the attempted “terror attacks” in London and Glasgow earlier this year, Gordon Brown has proposed a raft of new draconian legislation. We look again at the events that helped pave the way for this

The true inside facts about the 7/7 London bombings

What this website has long suspected has been confirmed. James Casbolt, himself a former MI6 operative, gets the inside story from a disaffected member of British Intelligence on who was really behind the 7/7 bombings and why

“WIPED OFF THE MAP” – The Rumor of the Century

How President Ahmadinejad’s words were mistranslated and deliberately distorted. So that the term “wiped off the map” has now become synonymous with the Iranian leader’s attitude to Israel – even though he never uttered those words

Mrs Saddam says Saddam is not Saddam

The man Coalition authorities claim is Saddam Hussein is not who he is made out to be. After his wife visited him in jail in 2004 she declared: “This is not my husband but his double.”!! A reminder from the late, great Joe Vialls

Whatever Happened to Ariel Sharon?

Is he still in a coma after all this time, or is he dead? Regular visitors to this web site will recall that we reported his (clinical) death over a year ago. Since then the mainstream media has been virtually unanimous in its silence over his condition

Why the Sudden Clampdown on Revisionists?

Modern Israel was founded on the memory of the ‘Holocaust’, which today it is used by the Zionists to extract financial and political gain. Thus anyone who questions the ‘Holocaust’ is challenging Zionist power. Hence the furore over Iran’s conference