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Pipe-bomb suspect may have targeted Jewish sites

But guess what? The prime suspect is a linguist and is himself Jewish

Israel may have to take military action against Iran: Bolton

Which would force immediate U.S. intervention to defend Israel when Iran retaliates

Crying (Iranian) wolf in Argentina

Both the Bill Clinton and George W Bush administrations consistently accused Iran of behind the Buenos Aires blast. However, after 13 years there is still no firm evidence linking the two

Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve

The make-up of the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors underlines Zionist control of America. Apart from the fact that all of them are Jewish, one – Kevin Warsh – is married to the daughter of the President of the World Jewish Congress

Palastinians Pour into Egypt after Border Fence Blasted

Denied basic necessities by an Israeli blockade, Palestinians have taken matters into their own hands

Who can save America?

George Bush’s speech last Friday was ‘too little, too late’. It marked the point when the global equity sell-off began

Soros predicts worst recession for 50 years

“We really do have a serious financial crisis now,” says the billionaire investor

US Army Unable to Confront Iran

The Lieutenant commander of the General Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces said Western media reports about the naval confrontation in the Straits of Hormuz last week were part of campaign of psychological warfare against Iran

Stalin is century’s bloodiest figure

With a total death toll that eclipses Mao’s and is four times bigger than Hitler’s!


Maybe he’s not as dumb as he appears

Global Financial Markets Respond

European and Asian markets steadying but market turmoil continues

Panic on Wall Street?

Is the U.S. economy about to go into freefall? Reactions to the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate cut

New push to smear ‘Israel lobby’ MPs

Like Washington’s neocons, “Friends of Israel” have embedded themselves “in the British political establishment. Which may account for London’s readiness to follow Washington’s lead over Iraq, Afghanistan and soon maybe Iran too

UN transformation proposed to create ‘new world order’

Gordon Brown has reportedly been involved in secret talks with other leaders with a view to transforming the United Nations Security Council and further buttressing the creation of a “new world order”

New Israeli spy satellite sends Iran a message

New Israeli spy satellite sends Iran a message

The pre-dawn launch Monday allows Israel increased coverage of sites in Iran

MPs required to ratify Lisbon treaty without reading it

How new legislation pertaining to the European Union is being steamrollered through parliament without due consideration

The Key Players of 9-11 - Who is Jerome Hauer?

The Key Players of 9-11 – Who is Jerome Hauer?

He’s tied to Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and the official story of 9/11 but who is he and what’s his background. Christopher Bollyn finds some interesting answers

Excerpt from a Radical’s Diary January 17, 2008

David Irving has an interesting take on the British Airways Boeing 777 that crash-landed at Heathrow last Thursday

“Dark Forces”

“Dark Forces”

There are few real accidents in history and the version we see in the history books, may have happened entirely differently in reality. A prime example being the murder of Rasputin nearly 100 years ago

Death and Darkness in Gaza

Amid all the talk about democracy, the West accepts cruel, inhuman, collective punishment – and occupation – as long as it is dispensed by Jews. Seems the Holocaust gave Israel certain rights, including the right to behave like Nazis