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‘Iran arrests BBC reporters for spying’

The BBC reponds to our inquiries but it’s interesting to note that the corporation itself has yet to report this

Good News, Bad News, Unbelievable News

World Government on the Horizon?

The Madoff Affair: A Guide to the Perplexed Antisemite

Israel Shamir reflects on the fallout from the Madoff scam, with additional input from James Petras Ph.D.

Thankyou Bernie Madoff for your Kind Christmas Gift

Brother Bernie gave me a Christmas present and I am truly grateful. And even though, as it appears… most of the money, like most of the money most of the time, found its way to the world’s number one terrorist nation on Earth

”The Jedburghs”

Some further background on Patton’s killer, Capt. Douglas Bazata, and his time in one of of America’s first Special Forces units

‘Los Crimenes De Los Buenos’

More on the assassination of General Patton

General George S. Patton Was Assassinated

America’s greatest combat general of WWII was assassinated with the connivance of US leaders after he threatened to expose allied collusion with the Russians that cost the lives of thousands of U.S. servicemen, according to a new book

Lavish life of Mugabe’s looter-in-chief

What ‘liberation’ has brought to the nation once considered Africa’s bread-basket. As starving Zimbabweans face their bleakest Christmas ever, the head of the state bank puts the last touches to his 47-bedroom palace

U.S. report: Hezbollah fought Israel better than any Arab army

The U.S. Army War College has been studying the Iranian sponsored Hezbollah campaign in 2006, quite possibly in anticipation of similar engagements in the near future

Russia denies selling missile system to Iran

Contrary to earlier claims by senior Iranian officials, Russia says it has not agreed to sell the S-300 missile system to Iran

Russian S-300s ‘hit the road to Iran’

Despite Israeli and U.S. objections, Tehran has reportedly reached an agreement with Moscow on the delivery of the advanced S-300 surface-to-air missile system

How Jewish is Hollywood?

A poll finds more Americans disagree with the statement that ‘Jews control Hollywood.’ But here’s one Jew who doesn’t

Severed cables bring down phone lines linking Europe, Asia, Mideast

Internet traffic between Europe and the Middle East was severely disrupted on Friday after communication on three separate cables was mysteriously cut – does this prefigure escalating conflict in the Middle East?

Dr. Fredrick Toben Interview on Current Issues TV

Hesham Tillawi reflects on current affairs and talks with Dr. Fredrick Toben about his arrest in London On October 1, 2008 and the extradition order by the German Government

Obama’s War

9/11 was the pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan. 8 years on and the Taliban are on their way back and the only thing the U.S. led invasion can claim to have achieved is that drug production is now at record levels – after the Taliban shut it down

Time To Wake Up And Smell the Economy

Wake up or sleep tight. The time for easy options is running out

Convoy attacks trigger race to open new Afghan supply lines

With recent attacks on supply lines and transport compounds in northern Pakistan, the noose is being tightened on Nato forces in Afghanistan

Welcome to Cloaca Maximus and the Gowanus Canal

Wild and crazy doesn’t have the appeal it once had because the world has cornered the market on wild and crazy and it doesn’t have the collective élan to do it with the necessary je ne sais quoi (for US readers that’s French for “I don’t know what”. Ed.)

Israel urges Russia not to sell missiles to Iran

The S-300 missile system is by definition an “air defense” weapon. So why is Israel so anxious that Russia not sell the system to Iran? Could it be that it would make any Israeli air strikes on Iran that much more difficult?

Spiritual War

Richard Wurmbrand’s story is a powerful statement of the Satanic Frankist Jewish agenda