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Holocaust Hero Accused of Swindling

Which makes one wonder what else we’ve been told about the Holocaust is a swindle?

the american establishmentS

The United States hasn’t just one Establishment but two

Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Lectures West Point Cadets About ‘The Military And The Media’

Lesson 3: When Things Go Bad, The Public Doesn’t Need To Know

The Hitler Project – Astonishing Revelations!

With the help of the Bush family, Jewish bankers brought Hitler to power so that he could perform a “Shoah” (sacrifice). In the process taking innocent Jewish lives and thus consecrating the birth of modern Israel

Diamonds and Pearls and… Ron Paul

What are they going to do about Ron Paul? A friend said that they are going to have to kill him. I hope not but it does look like they won’t be able to discredit him. He’s surrounded by psychopaths in his own party and vaudeville clowns in the other

Is Atomic Radiation as Dangerous as We Thought?

A mounting number of studies are coming to some surprising conclusions about the dangers of nuclear radiation. It might not be as deadly as is widely believed

Mugabe grabs platinum and diamonds

As Zimbabwe sinks deeper into the mire, the plunder continues unhindered by those who were so quick to intervene in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. Still, they may sit up and take notice if he threatens the transnationals

Chavez in Tehran: "Empire of dollar is crashing"

Chavez in Tehran: “Empire of dollar is crashing”

“Naturally, by the crash of the dollar, America’s empire will crash,” Chavez said at a joint news conference with Ahmadinejad on Monday. Earlier the Iranian president called the dollar a “worthless piece of paper”

US military strike on Pakistan advocated

Alarm bells are ringing in Washington over General Musharraf’s increasingly precarious position. Now two prominent analysts have warned that the U.S. may have to take military action to prevent Pakistan’s nukes falling into the wrong hands

Blue Ghost Gas Station Video

Is it a ghost or an angel? Whatever it is, the images caught by CCTV cameras at a gas station in Parma, Ohio, have everyone puzzled

Project Camelot

Were the nuclear devices reportedly “lost” during a flight across the U.S. in August really mislaid? And why did so many of those involved in the incident die sudden and mysterious deaths in the following weeks and months?

Is Israel harvesting organs of Palestinian youths?

More indications of Israeli involvement in the illicit trade of human organs

Medics could have saved Diana, inquest told

The inquest into her death has heard that Diana’s ambulance took well over an hour to travel the 6 kilometers to the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, a delay that probably contributed to her death

Vatican envoy: Ties with Israel in decline due to broken promises

“Everyone can see what kind of trust you can give to Israel’s promises,” Monsignor Pietro Sambi said in an interview posted Friday on the Franciscan Order’s Web site

The Black Market In Organ Harvesting

An attempt by a French group to fly children from Chad has received some publicity. However, implications that the case may have involved a black market in human organs, ultimately leading to Sarkozy’s involvement have been completely overlooked

Slain Pakistani Jounalist`s Widow Killed

A correspondent reports from Islamabad that President Musharreff is resorting to increasingly ruthless measures to stiffle dissent

Doctors’ revolt at anti-white bias

“When I asked a previous president [of the Royal College of Surgeons] why I had been unsuccessful, the answer came back immediately: ‘What do you expect? You are not black, you are not female and you have all four limbs’”

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11

According to the five Israelis who were caught filming and cheering in celebration as the twin towers burnt: “Our purpose was to document the event”

Powell: Iran Far From Nuclear Weapon

Powell: Iran Far From Nuclear Weapon

The former U.S. Secretary of State says that despite all the speculation an American led military strike against Iran is unlikely

Taliban execute five police officers

The Taliban begin to brutally reassert control in Afghanistan as it slips from Nato’s grasp