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Queen to Strip Harrods of its Royal Crest

Queen to Strip Harrods of its Royal Crest

It may be more than ten years old but it’s still highly pertinent. It was published the day before Diana was killed and reveals the depth of anger in the House of Windsor over her behaviour. In effect, revealing a motive for her murder

Iran makes progress in military production

Iran makes progress in military production

Iran is developing its own air-superiority fighter. Whether it will be able to out perform an F-18, as claimed, is open to question. But the fact that Iran is developing such a weapon will be triggering alarms in London, Washington and Tel Aviv

‘Whores of War’ Under Fire

The Iraqi government wants them out, after Blackwater employees killed 11 civilans last Sunday. Whther the private security contractor will leave Iraq entirely is open to question however,

Finkelstein Interviewed

Despite praise and plaudits from peers and students, DePaul University denied Israel critic Norman Finkelstein’s tenure. He talks with George McLeod about his writings, the Israel lobby and what makes it so powerful

The Petro-Dollar, Iraq, Oil and Bush

Saddam Hussein wanted to sell Iraq’s oil in EUROS. According to William Clark, one of the reasons the U.S. invaded was to take control of the Iraq’s oil to ensure it continued selling in U.S. Dollars

Greenspan says euro could replace U.S. dollar as reserve currency

More indications of the dollars decline, this time from the former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve

Student Tasered for Asking Sen Kerry About Voter Suppression

This is what happens when you ask too many questions. And note, police move in when the student starts asking Kerry about his membership of a “secret society”, a fact that TV news commentators completely ignore

The abolition of Britain by The Reform Treaty in 2008

Some facts about the European Union that haven’t been too widely publicised

French FM: World must prepare for possible war with Iran

This website believes Sarkozy’s ascent to power marks an ominous new phase in France’s role in the world. With France potentially playing a important part if and when armed conflict with Iran does break out

Movie “Zeitgeist”: Illuminati Critique or Psy-Op?

The Illuminati have a long history of almost diabolical deception. So what better way to further their plans than in an excellent anti-Illuminati documentary? Henry Makow explains

Turn Off Your Television

Although you are unlikely to hear about this on television, studies have found that the more television you watch, the less literate and more stupid you are. Making television the perfect tool for dumbing down the masses

Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil

This is a diversionary tactic. Oil was only ever a secondary consideration, the chief beneficiary was Israel and Greenspan’s declaration is meant to divert growing awareness of this fact

Voice of the White House September 13, 2007

The senior US military command loathes Bush and believes that Israel has too great an influence on him. Which explains why having uncovered info pointing to an imminent terror attack on Israel, US Intelligence have been less than forthcoming in sharing it

Were War Critic Soldiers Killed To Send Message?

Two soldiers who wrote an article contradicting Patraeus report die in a strange accident, and another is shot in case that resembles the Pat Tillman story. While this may sound outlandish, a Green Zone insider has reported similar events in Iraq

Report: US to attack Iran in 8-10 months

The timing’s perfect. It coincides with the sun’s passage through the first House of Mars, a time that favours military enterprises. Nor is it a coincidence that the invasion of Iraq took place during the same time frame, it was probably planned that way

The disgraced ABC consultant and the push for war in Iran

How a much used consultant to major media corporations was actively agitating for war with Iran

How this 12inch miracle tube could halve heating bills

Amazing British invention creates MORE energy than you put into it

In the Colosseum, thoughts turn to death

As long as we send our armies on the rampage – whatever the justification – we will go on stringing up and shooting and chopping off the heads of our “criminals” and “murderers” with the same enthusiasm as the Colosseum crowds 2,000 years ago

Proxy war could soon turn to direct conflict, analysts warn

US strikes on Iran predicted as tension rises over arms smuggling and nuclear fears

Green Zone Follies September 9, 2007

A Green Zone insider reports that when the Head Monkey visited Iraq recently he landed in a totally safe area. The area was pacified, not through the actions of brave US troops but because the local politicos had agreed to help, for big bucks, of course!