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Who Cares?

Whoever wins the nominations and regardless of who ends up in the White House, we will be saddled with same failed policies

Internet is “the new Afghanistan”: NY police commissioner

“It is the de facto training ground”, said New York police commissioner Raymond Kelly said on Wednesday. “It’s an area of concern.”

False Prophets

In 1972 Margaret Thatcher said: “there will not be a woman prime minister in my lifetime” – Neil Clark reviews some of the most wrong headed predictions of modern times

Palestinian Intafada Reaches New York Schools

One word, one definition, just cost Debbie Almontaser her job. The Principal of the Arabic language school, the Khalil Gibran International Academy in Brooklyn, stepped down after her defense of the word “intifada” on a T-shirt created a public outcry

Russia, China Host Ahmadinejad at Anti-U.S. Security Summit

Just as the White House is trying to isolate him

Russia restores Soviet-era strategic bomber patrols

It begins to look like the Cold War is starting again

“No American President Can Stand Up to Israel”

In fact the only way a candidate will get a fair chance at running for office – and much depends on financial backing and media coverage – is if he or she is prepared to give Israel unconditional support

Ominous Warnings

Webster G. Tarpley on the events of 9/11 and what they portend. Particularly regarding the likelihood of an imminent US attack on Iran, one that might even involve nuclear weapons. Fast forward 14 minutes into the recording when he starts speaking

Secret government promises big changes

Some weeks ago Henry Makow reported on Benjamin Fulford’s revelations that the Illuminati – the world’s hidden but real rulers – had been challenged by a Chinese secret society to abandon plans to unleash race specific diseases in Asia or face war

Doctors’ strike in Israel may be good for health

Since the start of a doctors strike in Israel: “The number of funerals we have performed has fallen drastically,” said Hananya Shahor, the veteran director of Jerusalem’s Kehilat Yerushalayim burial society

Gun Toting Robots See Action in Iraq

Robots have been roaming the streets of Iraq, since shortly after the war began. Now, for the first time – the first time in any warzone – the machines are carrying guns

Voice of the White House August 13, 2007

Word is, writes a White House insider, that Cheney has been touting the idea of a universal draft!

U.S. helicopter crashes near air base west of Baghdad

A CH-47 Chinook has gone down killing five U.S. troops on board, officials say

Witnesses mum on NY Masonic assassination

A North Amityville man was slain Friday night. No one among the estimated 20 to 30 witnesses of the killing outside a Masonic social club, have yet come forward with information

Green Zone Follies August 7, 2007

Foreign reporters here are told quietly that unless they want to get one in the head from “Arab snipers” they will watch what they put in their dispatches, writes a Green Zone insider from Baghdad

Military Wages War on Your Gender

Since when is it wrong to batter a women at home yet OK if she is killed, maimed or raped by an enemy on the battlefield?

Lebanese militants vow to take battle outside camp

Robert Fisk reports from the Lebanon on a little publicised front in the ‘War on Terror’

Another U.S. War Brewing in Mideast

Ex-aide to Dick Cheney spills the beans; real trouble brewing in northern Iraq

New Israeli highway separates Palestinians

New Israeli highway separates Palestinians

First came the apartheid wall, then the apartheid road – South Africa’s racial barriers were never this extreme

I Felt Blessed, A Great Sense of Euphoria

I Felt Blessed, A Great Sense of Euphoria

Compelling evidence is emerging about what is really behind phenomenon after a crop circle appeared in Pewsey Vale, Wiltshire (left). Hoaxers with ropes and boards didn’t create this particular formation