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America’s Use of Radiological Weapons Part I

Linked to horrendous birth deformities (left), cancer and Gulf War Syndrome among soldiers and civlians alike, the use of Depleted Uranium will surely go down as one of the great crimes of modern times. Yet still the Pentagon continues to use it

America’s Use of Radiological Weapons Part II

Depleted Uranium (DU) has been likened to the biblical “wormwood”. Mark Gaffney continues his study of the use of DU and its horrific consequences

Muqtada al-Sadr: The British are retreating from Basra

Tony Blair’s real legacy

Green Zone Follies August 16, 2007

A Green Zone insider reports from Baghdad that there is rumoured to be a small US unit in Iraq officially tasked with offing GIs viewed as trouble makers or those who might talk too much if rotated

Britain faces Iraq rout says US

A military adviser to President George W Bush has warned that Britain faces an “ugly and embarrassing” defeat in Iraq

Artificial life likely in 3 to 10 years

Modern scientists trying to emulate Dr Frankenstein

Quotes from Zionists

Some choice quotes reveal the real mentality behind Zionism

Which Hidden Power Created Hitler?

He was too stupid to be a mailman, having failed the basic intelligence test for employment. So how come he ended up where he did? Or was Hitler’s rise to power carefully stage managed for the benefit of others?

Hugo Chavez to make himself president for life

Huge Chavez may be a dictator in the making. His armed forces have already adopted the salute “Fatherland, socialism or death”, while Chavez himself has proposed sweeping constitutional changes that could make him president for life

Green Zone Follies July 13, 2007

A top secret report circulating among military personnel warns of the growing danger of civil insurrection Stateside and how the authorities intend to respond. So moves are now underway to impose some sort of military clamdown in the U.S.

U.S. media curtail Iraq war coverage: study

As the fighting intensifies and the casualties mount the media begins to lose interest

12 US troops killed in Afghanistan

Unconfirmed but no less reliable than the US based mainstream media, Iran’s Press TV reports that twelve U.S. troops were killed in an ambush Thursday

Another Firefighter Testifies On Explosions Inside WTC

“The elevators just blew right out. We couldn’t believe it. The plane hits 80 floors up but the elevators explode at least five minutes later? It was unreal”

Voice of the White House August 17, 2007

When the Chinese hinted that they would dump their dollar holdings and create economic havoc against the dollar, Cheney ordered a media attack on Chinese imports. Hence reports of poisoned tooth paste, contaminated seafood, poisoned toys and so on

Ex-spy to sue Queen

Britain’s intelligence services swear an oath of allegiance to the monarch, not the country. Hence a former member of military intelligence is suing the queen to end a campaign of harassment against him by Britain’s intelligence services

Russia Delivers Air Defence Units to Syria

Russia Delivers Air Defence Units to Syria

Russia has begun delivering modern Pantsyr air defence units to Syria, rejecting suggestions that some might be passed on to Iran

Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire C-SPAN

A video from 1994 has surfaced showing Dick Cheney warning against invading Baghdad

Petraeus’ September Report Will Be Written By The White House

Despite Bush’s repeated statements that the report will reflect evaluations by Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, administration officials said it would actually be written by the White House

Army Chief calls for return of draft to ease fatigue

The new US “war tsar”, Lieutenant General Douglas Lute called on President Bush to consider a reintroduction of the draft

Medical science aims to microchip you

The American Medical Association has endorsed the use of implantable microchips