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Bill allocating JNF land to Jews only passes preliminary reading

This is what Israel’s so-called “Apartheid wall” is really about: Jewish only schools, roads, marriages, and of course, Jewish only land

Proof Bin Laden Tape Is 5-Year-Old, Re-Released Footage

Why did IntelCenter, the middleman between “Al-Qaeda” and the media, a group that has government and Pentagon ties, re-release old footage and why did the media report it as new when it had already aired twice before?

Iranian game pits players against U.S.

In Rescue the Nuke Scientist, U.S. troops capture a husband-and-wife team of Iranian nuclear scientists during a pilgrimage to Karbala in central Iraq. Players take the role of Iranian security forces and attempt to free them

‘No regrets’ over Haneef-AFP interview leak

Controversy continues to build over the detention of Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef. With the leak of a transcript of a police interveiw with Haneef, the Indian government has now summoned Australia’s top diplomat in New Delhi to convey its “concern”

ST911 Scientist to Sue BBC For Public Deception

A British scientist and member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, John A. Blacker MSc IMI (Physical Systems), is planning to sue the BBC “for lying to viewers” in the documentary “9/11: The Conspiracy Files”

This is an Orange

A comparison between what we are told and what we can see, with our own eyes at World Trade Center 7

Kissinger-led U.S. group attends closed debate at Putin home

High level meetings are still taking place between Russia and the U.S. This is where the future is being decided but note: the latest took place behind close doors at Putin’s home and was chaired by Illuminati front man Henry Kissinger

Self-Hating Jews?

Albert Einstien and Kirk Douglas came from different backgrounds but both shared a common heritage and both had interesting insights into the root causes of anti-Semitism

Show of strength as China marks anniversary of world’s biggest army

Clifford Coonan reports from Beijing on the anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Liberation Army

U.K. file on Entebbe contains claim that Israel behind hijacking

31 years ago Israeli commandos staged a daring raid in Entebbe, Uganda, rescueing passengers from a hijacked flight from Israel. But according to recently released British government files that wasn’t the only thing staged, the hijacking was too

Terror group gets amnesty

The Israelis granted amnesty to wanted militants from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah organization this weekend. The reason? To play them off against the popularly elected Hamas, who the Israelis consider far more dangerous

Money – The Abstraction That Ensnares

Having made a lot of money – and lost much of it too – Henry Makow reflects on the highs and lows of making money and how it holds us all in its thrall

Diana: Fiat Driver ‘Shot in Head’

James Andanson (left), the photographer who followed Diana in the week before her death, was thought to have committed suicide when he was found dead in a burnt out car. But now the fireman who found his body says he saw two bullet wounds in his head

9/11: The Final Holdout

TV News Lies asks: Why would anyone in the United Sates of America conclude that the official version of the most important event in recent American history AS TOLD BY PROVEN LIARS is true?

Israel ready to bomb Iran

Friday the 13th has always been a bad omen, but this past Friday 13 July 2007 saw the omen become a daunting reality. A Newsmax headline reported: “Israel ‘approved’ to strike Iran”

Two UK bomb suspects released without charge

As expected, more of those arrested in the “anti-terror” operations have been released, without charge

Know Thy Enemy

Purportedly written by a “former Jihadist” this article accuses Britain’s Muslims of being “in denial” about ‘terror’. In reality though this is yet more evidence of how the media is being used to distort the public’s perception

Found: the giant lion-eating chimps of the magic forest

Seriously, the Guardian reported Saturday that scientists have found a group of super-sized chimps in the Congolese jungle with a unique culture – and a taste for the flesh of big cats

Turkey boosts troops at Iraqi border: sources

Tensions mount as Turkey boosts its troop levels on its borders with Iraq, reportedly by up to as many as two hundred thousand

Voice of the White House July 13, 2007

Spying is rife in Washington, writes a Beltway insider. So much so that a Turkish diplomat had lunch with me and cheerfully told me what I said to my wife two days before. I am not important and nor is he but it is an indication of how bad things are