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Chertoff Predicts Simultaneous LA/San Francisco Dirty Bombs

Unconfirmed but noteworthy and omminous in the extreme

White House preparing to stage new September 11

Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, has warned that the Bush administration is preparing to orchestrate a staged terror attack in the U.S., to transform the country into a dictatorship and launch a war with Iran within a year

Living with the Matrix

Or the irreversible effect of developing blue pill resistance

From Yogi with Love

A selection of emails to Ziopedia reveals the near psychopathic malignance of hard line Zionists. In this case one, Ronald Yogamn, who works under the guise of the Animal Health Foundation and the Florida Holocaust museum

Dare to care – Why I don’t believe in the Holocaust

The only way we can establish what really happened in WWII is through open research and debate, not repressive “Holocaust denial” laws.

A Thank you To All Starbucks Customers

You may not have realised it but when you enjoy a coffee at Starbuck’s you are also helping to further the “War on Terror” and Zionist wing of the Military Industrial complex

Lockerbie: Evidence Fabricated by CIA

Thereby allowing the real culprits to escape justice

No wonder the bloggers are winning

These gutless papers explain why more people are Googling than turning pages

Bomb-laden ‘Reaper’ drones bound for Iraq

The first combat deployment of the aptly named ‘Reaper’ – as in Grim Reaper – will be a watershed moment in aviation history. For as it takes off with a ton and a half of munitions, the pilot will be sitting at a video console 7000 miles away in Nevada

Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran

Well-placed sources in Washington hold that military action against Iran is back on the agenda. After being resisted by Condoleeza Rice and defence secretary Gates, Cheney is reported to be pressurising Bush to act … before he leaves office

RAF men killed in attack on Basra base

This is Tony Blair’s real legacy

Haneef fears being framed in UK terror plot, branded terrorist

Curiously, this story is getting vitually zero publicity outside Australia, where the detention took place and India, where the suspect (left) originates. Is this because it calls into question who was really behind the recent UK terror bombings?

Cracks in Zionism

Why accusations of “Anti-Semitism” against those who criticise Israel and its policies sound increasingly hollow

China Killing Americans

The Bush administration is intent on ignoring anything that might jeopardise its relations with China. Thus it looks away while Beijing sells weapons to Iran, suspected terrorists and the Taliban, whom US forces are currently fighting in Afghanistan

Turkey bombards northern Iraq, Iraq says

Turkey has repeatedly said that it would use military force against the PKK in Iraq, a move that the United States fears will cause further instability

Voice of the White House July 16, 2007

The CIA is at it again, reports a Beltway insider, releasing another bin Laden video just when the Neocons most need it

The Voice of the White House August 2, 2004

It may be nearly three year old but it is still highly relevant and it prefigures the latest ‘Green Zone Follies’. Scroll down to July 31, 2004, for further perspective

Judges rule out recompense for the innocent

Commentary on the burgeoning powers of state and global warming

Bill allocating JNF land to Jews only passes preliminary reading

This is what Israel’s so-called “Apartheid wall” is really about: Jewish only schools, roads, marriages, and of course, Jewish only land

Proof Bin Laden Tape Is 5-Year-Old, Re-Released Footage

Why did IntelCenter, the middleman between “Al-Qaeda” and the media, a group that has government and Pentagon ties, re-release old footage and why did the media report it as new when it had already aired twice before?