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Voice of the White House June 14, 2007

When Soviet Russia imploded, writes a Beltway insider, we had the chance to befriend our former enemies and help them develop their vast natural resources. Instead, we pushed a drunken a CIA trained monkey into office – something we will pay for

Tony Blair has turned Britain into a land where we are all prisoners

The shift away from individual freedom towards state power has happened slowly, and almost without us noticing. But now the tentacles of a totalitarian state are beginning to tighten

Nancy Pelosi or Why War With Iran May Be Inevitable

As a Reform Jew … I want to make an upfront disclaimer: contrary to what many believe, AIPAC does not represent me nor a majority of thinking Jewish Americans. AIPAC”S beliefs are more in line with the far-right Israeli leadership

Former Catholic Sister Says Even Mother Teresa Is a Fraud

All that glitters is not gold and good deeds and charity aren’t always what they seem

Why The US Dollar Will Collapse

Economists of the ilk of Nouriel Roubini and Morgan Stanley’s Stephen Roach have been pushing the line for at least a couple of years now that the US current account deficit, which has been creeping up consistently in the twenty-first century, is unsustainable. The world cannot continue to finance the US’ insatiable appetite for consumer […]

40 years Later, Veterans of the USS Liberty Refuse to Give Up the Ship

Like Princess Diana’s death, the sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty is a tale of treachery and deceit that the mainstream has largely helped “cover” but which more and more ordinary people are beginning to question

Former UN Mideast envoy says UN subservient to U.S., Israel

Who, along with Britain are all beholden to the same powers

Israel’s new President: a war criminal par excellence

A look at Shimon Peres and his bloody past

Accusations Pave the Way for Assault on Iran

Sometimes it really is déjà vu all over again

Welcome to ‘Palestine’

First, the ‘Democratic West’ demands that Palestinians embrace democracy and then they elect the wrong party – Hamas

Blair Calls For Chinese Style Net Controls In the UK

Tony Blair has hinted at the implementation of new restrictions on internet journalism after warning of the dangers of “the latest conspiracy theory”

Oklahoma Bombings – 9/11 Connections

Mike Gadbaw, a former associate of Timothy McVeigh who claims that like McVeigh he is a victim of mind control, tells of how the authorities tried to undermine the militia movement. We cannot verify what he says but leave readers to decide for themselves

Daniel Pipes Details Israeli Attack against Iran

Earlier this week Joseph Lieberman was calling for a U.S. military strike on Iran. Now his calls have been echoed by another Zionist warmonger

Is US Military Command Being Readied For Iran Attack?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates took the opportunity last Friday to make an announcement, using the old tactic of releasing controversial news just before the weekend to minimise public attention

Assassination brings Lebanon closer to brink

Against a backdrop of internecine fighting among Palestinians, Robert Fisk reports on the assassination of a prominent Lebanese politician and supporter of Saad Hariri, son of the murdered former prime minister Rafik

Iran threatens Gulf blitz if US hits nuclear plants

A senior defence adviser to Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has just upped the stakes in the Gulf

No More GM Free Food

Rules on GM-free food relaxed as Europe lowers the purity standard

Putin’s Censored Press Conference

The transcript you weren’t supposed to see

Jolie: the Pretty Face of the Global Slave Gulag

Angelina Jolie is not just a pretty face: she’s a full-on whore for the New World Order

Voice of the White House June 11, 2007

The White House today is like a cross between the Titanic just before the final plunge and a nut house at a full moon, writes a Beltway insider