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Depleted Uranium in Hawaii

It’s called “depleted” uranium, it’s radioactive and on impact and when burned it releases nano-particles of radioactive uranium into the environment. Now it appears the US is using depleted uranium rounds within its own borders for target practice

Blair Tipped to Be World Bank President

Nobel prize-winner Joe Stiglitz, a former senior vice president at the World Bank, said: “He is one of the people that is clearly being discussed”

Blair’s lies and linguistic manipulations

My Dad used to call people like Blair a ‘twerp’. But I fear he is a vicious little man (Exactly the right man for the New World Order then. Ed.)

Palestinian Pinochet Making His Move?

The gunmen threatening Palestinian unity ih the latest fighting may profess fealty to President Abbas, but he doesn’t command them. Their leader is the Gaza warlord who has long been Washington’s favourite to play the role of a Palestinian Pinochet

Israel Claims it will Expand Borders

The mainstream media has let this pass without comment but Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been calling for Israel to expand its borders again, saying that the last 40 years were “only the beginning”

Video: “Seven is Exploding”

If you are looking for proof World Trade Center 7 was demolished with explosives watch this video through to the end. Extracts from a major Italian documentary with English subtitles

Back to the Future!!! Part 2

Back to the Future!!! Part 2

Given Einstein’s endorsement of Hapgood’s ideas it is reasonable to ask whether his hypothesis could actually happen again and if so when

Back to the Future!!! Part 1

Back to the Future!!! Part 1

Geological evidence points to an cataclysmic event that almost defies comprehension. The problem is that it may just happen again … and soon too.

Three German Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Three German Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

In a sign that the Taliban may be widening their offensive, a suicide bomber killed three German soldiers in the normally relatively peaceful northern Afghanistan

Embattled World Bank president steps down

Facing the threat of outright dismissal, Paul Wolfowitz agreed Thursday to resign as president of the World Bank

9/11 Toxic Dust: Official Who Knowingly Lied Refuses To Testify

The former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, who knowingly lied and signed off on falsified scientific research is in the frame to take the fall for Guiliani, Rice and The White House

Little School of Horrors

Teachers and staff may tell themselves and the parents of their charges that it was an exercise in preparedness, but it takes a special antipathy for an adult to terrorize a child, writes Jeff Wells

On a Learjet to Hell

As Jerry Falwell heads down to meet his boss, don’t forget that he is largely responsible for much of the mess in the Middle East caused by the Zionist infiltration of American politics

Evolutionist Claims and the Facts

Although many mistakenly believe Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to be a scientific fact, it has yet to be established as such. In contrast a volume of hard scientific evidence suggests that Darwin’s theory is no more than that, an unproven theory

27 Buildings on 104 Acres is NOT an Embassy; It’s an Occupation

According to George W. Bush, the United States will leave Iraq. So how does he explain the U.S.Embassy in Baghdad, 27 buildings on 104 acres, a city within the city of Baghdad?

The New Aljazeera, an American

It’s not receiving too much publicity but the head head of Al-Jazeera could be a U.S. controlled quisling

US Helicopters Damaged and Destroyed in Raid

Depending on who you speak to, up to ten or more U.S. helicopters have been destroyed in a raid on a US airbase in northern Baghdad

Voice of the White House May 14, 2007

A Beltway insider writes: the Pentagon brass are muttering about removing Bush who, they believe, has ruined their military beyond repair. ‘Christ,’ one General said to a few of us “the beaners could invade Texas and we couldn’t do a … thing about it…!”

Involve Queen in Diana inquest – QC

Lawyers acting for Mohamed al Fayed in the inquest into the death of his son Dodi and Princess Diana, want the Queen questioned over remarks she made in the wake of their deaths

Tony Blair and his wife Cherie to make 80 million dollars on lectures and book deals

He should face charges for War Crimes committed during his term of office. But far from retiring quietly, Blair and wife face the very lucrative prospect as roving ambassadors and public speakers – part of the pay-off for doing the elite’s bidding maybe?