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RFID ‘Powder’ – World’s Smallest RFID Tag

Radio Frequency IDentification chips are set to become even smaller. Shrinking some sixty times smaller than the current tags (left)

On Remand

David Irving is now out jail and back on form. Here he recounts his experiences in jail, his dealings with various inmates and how Jewish leaders and Adolph Eichmann were negotiating the fate of one million Hungarian Jews before the deal was ditched

Soldiers Back From War Fight Different Battle

Soldiers who were paralyzed, suffered brain damage or lost limbs in Iraq owe Washington enlistment bonus money

Deal with the devil

What we agree to forget is exactly what will destroy us

US’s smoking gun on Iran misfires

How the Bush administration’s attempt to smear Iran backfired

Saudi Arabia Ready to Cooperate With Russia on Nuclear Energy Program — Top Official

Following in the footsteps of Iran, the Saudis may be about to embark on their own nuclear program

“The 9/11 Solution” Removed by Google

Without warning or explanation Google has removed the ground-breaking video

Voice of the White House February 10, 2007

A Beltway insider writes that roadside bombs are being manufactured in Belgium at FN for the Saudi government, shipped to them via an American military transport and then trans-shipped by the Saudis to Sunni resistance fighters in Baghdad

The World Can Halt Bush’s Crimes By Dumping the Dollar

So says former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, Paul Craig Roberts. Either that, or we face the consequences of a US or Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear energy sites

Too Good for Gridlock?

Ever been making your way slowly through congested traffic, heard sirens wail and watched as an unmarked car, maybe a police car with emergency lights flashing, passed by? Have you ever wondered what the emergency was and who was in the car?

British Aircraft Destroyed in Iraq

A British Hercules aircraft was brought down in southeastern Afghanistan on Monday, reports the IRIB. The C-130 had just touched down at an airstrip in Maysan province when an explosion damaged it, said a Ministry spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with Department policy. Thereafter British forces destroyed the transport aircraft due to […]

Iran on course for nuclear bomb, EU told

In an assessment that will strengthen the hand of those advocating military action, an EU document concludes: “At some stage we must expect that Iran will acquire the capacity to enrich uranium on the scale required for a weapons programme”

Soviets Razed Churches, Spared Synagogues

Communism travels under different names today – New Age, human rights (for some), feminism, diversity, post-modernism, world government – always presenting a happy face, the better to dupe, writes Henry Makow Ph.D.

Iran Warns U.S.

Iran’s Defense Minister warned the U.S. on Sunday against attacking Iran and his comments reinforce the earlier observations of a psychic friend

Tair’s Palestinian peers

Amost every week for the past seven year, Israeli troops have killed a Palestinian child or teenager with minimal legal reprimand. At the last count, that figure stood at 815

The tide is turning quickly

Some are waking up faster than others but increasingly Americans are recognising the reality of Israeli occupation. Oliver “Buzz” Thomas is one such who recounts his experience on a recent trip to Ramallah

Pentagon blames Iran for 170 US deaths

Pentagon blames Iran for 170 US deaths

Or as What Really comments: the Bovine Excrement meter just exploded!!

NYPD Officer Heard Building 7 Bombs

“The whole time you’re hearing boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I think I know an explosion when I hear it”


A classic that’s still highly relevant from a two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Major General Smedley Butler

“I was scared. Who would believe the Israeli president raped me?”

A young assistant who worked in the office of Moshe Katsav tells how the Israeli president raped her