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The Conspiracy Files

It was billed as an impartial probe into the events of 9/11. It had the semblance of a balanced investigation but like the X-Files, upon which it was no doubt modelled, it was pure fiction

The “God” that Serves Elite Jews

Do Christians and Jews worship the same God? Or could it be that the Jewish elite have their own, entirely different deity? Lucifer. Henry Makow Ph.D. investigates

Ayman Al-Zawahiri And The Secret Of Al Qaeda

The man who plays Zawahiri in propaganda videos is not just an actor hired to deliver his lines. He’s been a key player in the Al Qaeda myth since the very beginning and the effort to create an imaginary Al Qaeda enemy on film were underway before 9-11

Iran’s military exercises start across country

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards began more War Games Monday, deploying an estimated 60,000 men in manoeuvres across the country

Churches back plan to unite under Pope

It’s reported that radical proposals have been agreed by senior Catholic and Anglican bishops to reunite both churches under the leadership of the pope

With Smiles on Their Faces and Songs on Their Lips

…THEY LIE. Bold-facedly. With neither a second’s hesitation nor an ounce of reservation. Shamelessly. Not a glimmer of fear of what might happen to them for doing it

Iran – Ready to attack

It may not happen just yet but wide-ranging preparations have been made. Dan Plesch details just how extensive they are

Obama to Haaretz: U.S. must help protect Israel

Here’s why Barack Obama, until recently virtually unknown outside Illinois, is now a contender for Democratic presidential nomination. Why? Because he’s promised that America will fulfil its obligations to Israel and in US politics that’s the bottom line

Weapons used in attack in Zahedan, Iran come from U.S.

Two blasts have rocked the south eastern Iranian city of Zahedan in the past few days. Now Iranian officials say they will present evidence that the explosives used were American

Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts?

Is Global Warming really all it is made out to be? It’s a question we should be asking, writes a climatology professor, because an examination of the scientific facts reveals an entirely different picture to that presented by the media and politicians

Who can stop the war?

The GIs can. That’s who. And they’ve done it before. Discover the truth about one of the most censored stories in American history: The GI mutiny that stopped the Vietnam War

The Voice of the White House February 16, 2007

The concept of a free press does not apply to the U.S. media, writes a Beltway insider. Members of AIPAC stealing secrets? Back page if at all. But “evil Iran” (who might bomb Israel with an atomic weapon) is constantly on the front page

Veterans of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan predict failure in Iraq

Is history about to repeat itself?

Dan Wallace speaks about 9/11 Truth

Dan Wallace was the son of a New York fire fighter killed at the WTC on 9/11. Listen to him describe what he learned about what really happened on 911. Dan Wallace died recently under unusual circumstances, allegedly of a Heart Attack aged 23

The Scariest Ideas in Science

Undead viruses! Killer foxes! Soldiers who never sleep! This isn’t the stuff of B-rate horror movies — it’s serious scientific research

BBC 9/11 Documentary Likely Hit Piece

A highly anticipated BBC documentary on the 9/11 truth movement that airs this Sunday is likely to be a sophisticated hit piece, according to those who were interviewed for the program and others wary of the motives behind the creators of the show

“Do I Look Like the Pope?”

An exchange between the legendary anti-Zionist Jewish Marxist Historian Lenni Brenner and Gilad Atzmon

One in four [23%] doubt David Kelly killed himself

And 39% “Don’t know” – so actually fewer that 40% think that he “committed suicide”

Two versions of 9/11: The Conspiracy Files?

Word is that there are two versions of a 9/11 documentary due to be broadcast this coming Sunday and the BBC is in a quandary over which one to use

Ernst Zundel Sentenced to Five Years in Jail

David Duke writes that Ernst Zundel, the sixty seven year old artist and pacifist has been sentenced to five years in jail for expressing views forbidden by the Federal German government