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When a Nation Cannot Pay Its Debts, What Then?

This is an extract from Benjamin Disraeli’s novel ‘Coningsby’. The character ‘Sidonia’ represents Baron Alfed de Rothschild of Naples, and is acknowledged as such in the key to the 1845 edition. The extract finishes with a famous sentence.

No patent? No thanks

It almost sounds too good to be true. The latest edition of the respected British scientific journal, The New Scientist, reports on a cheap safe drug that kills almost all cancers. So why can’t it be patented?

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The recent naval manoeuvres led by the US Navy close to Iranian territorial waters were meant to practice drills for intercepting ships carrying components for ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction. Television broadcast from Teheran showed footage of a dozen types of missiles being fired missiles being fired from mobile launching pads. Shahab-3 missiles are believed to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and are believed to have a range of more than 1,200 miles, meaning that Israel and US military bases in the Middle East are well within range. Among the other weapons tested during the manoeuvres was the Shahab-2, which has a cluster warhead that can send 1,400 bomblets at the same time, state television said. Solid-fuel Zalzal missiles also were launched, as were guided missiles such as the Scud-B, Zolfaghar-73 and Z-3, it said. Iran fires missiles 'that could reach Israel'

Iran fires missiles ‘that could reach Israel’

Iran has flexed its military muscles by test firing dozens of missiles including the Shahab-3, a long-range projectile capable of hitting Israel or American bases in the region

Northrop Grumman Tooling Up First Ray Gun Production Line

Northrop Grumman Corporation today opened a specialized facility exclusively for system integration and production of high-energy laser systems for military uses – the first of its kind by private industry in the United States. Located at the Space Technology sector’s Space Park campus, the Directed Energy Production Facility is specifically designed for the production of […]

Helicopter crash in Iraq kills 13 U.S. soldiers

In addition to another three who were killed in other incidents in Iraq today. As yet, however, no word on what actually caused the helicopter to go down

One Hundred Years of Jewish Solitude

Award winning Jazz musician, ‘Hebrew speaking Palestinian’and ‘proud self-hating Jew’, Gilad Atzmon examines the identity crisis facing many modern Jews

Angry surgeon hacks off patient’s privates

Another good reason to stay away from doctors

Get Carter! Iran, Too!

For weeks now former president Jimmy Carter has been condemned as an anti-Semite, a Holocaust denier, a patron of former concentration camp killers, a Christian madman and a pawn of the Arabs who “flatly condones mass murder”. But is he really?

Japan, Australia Ask China to Explain Space Missile

China has been test firing a “kinetic kill vehicle” to knock out satellites

We Are Family

Before Sharon Tate’s murder, Charles Manson was twice arrested but each time released, prompting deputies to wonder if somebody very high up was protecting him. Jeff Wells examines how this ties in with Iraq and the current crimes of Bush/Cheney

U.S. to consider more troops for Afghanistan

As an additional twenty thousand U.S. troops are deployed to Iraq, Washington’s new Defence Secretary Robert Gates has suggested that the U.S. may be ready to send more troops to Afghanistan too

Green Zone Follies January 12, 2007

The idea of mutiny is still there and still growing, writes a Green Zone insider. All it will take is one incident and the press will rupture itself trying to keep it under wraps

Levi’s to ‘spychip’ jeans

Levi Strauss has confirmed controversial plans to embed RFID chips in its clothing in a move that has been termed by anti-privacy groups as ‘spychipping’. In an email to respected privacy activists and authors, Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre, the head of Levi’s PR confirmed that tests were underway with a leading US retailer, but […]

Reporter Claims Israeli Nuke Strike On Iran Averted By U.S. Fighters

Sources say an Israeli F16 suicide mission armed with 20-kiloton bomb was recalled by the Israelis after threats that it would be shotdown by U.S. Sidewinder missiles

TeenScreen – The Last Straw

Ostensibly, it’s meant to screen youngsters, picking out those prone to suicide and placing them on pharmaceuticals for their own good. But is it just a ploy by the Psycho-pharmaceutical industry to reap larger profits? Doyle Mills examines the arguments

The Rothschilds and the Genocide in Armenia and Germany

Clifford Shack examines how the Rothschilds may have been behind the slaughter in Armenia nearly 100 years ago, and more precisely why

Iranian MP: US Spy Plane shot down by Iran

Iran claims its forces have shot down a U.S. military spy drone

Voice of the White House – May 4, 2005

On Sunday, May 1, 2005 Edward von Kloberg jumped, fell or was pushed from hundred foot high wall of the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. A White House insider takes a closer look at the seedy aftermath of the Gannon/Guckert affair

Iran discovers new onshore oil field

Iranian state run television reported Thursday that a significant new oil field has been discovered

Former CIA Man Latest To Connect LBJ To JFK Assassination

The former CIA agent who organized the Watergate break-in, states in a forthcoming book: “”LBJ had the money and the connections to manipulate the scenario in Dallas and is on record as having convinced JFK to make the appearance in the first place”