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CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Personally Told Iraq Had No WMD in Fall 2002

According to the chief of CIA’s Europe division: “The policy was set, the war in Iraq was coming and they” – the White House – “were looking for intelligence to justify the policy”. In other words the White House knew all along that Iraq had no WMDs

Agency to Test Military Draft Machinery

After disappearing from view, the prospect of conscription has returned again

Occult Personality: Dr Sigmund Freud

Far from being a firm believer in scientific rationalism, Sigmund Freud was deeply drawn to the mysteries. To the extent that at the end of his career he expressed regret for not having pursued his research more deeply into the occult

Evidence of advanced fusion devices at the WTC

The writing of a Finnish military expert on the events of 9/11

McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story

A newly released video shows Timothy McVeigh was in the military and receiving instruction in “explosives and demolition” over a year after official story says he was discharged

Iran turns from dollar to euro in oil sales

Iran is selling more of its oil for payment in euros than dollars as it seeks to shift its foreign currency reserves away from the depreciating currency of its political enemy, the United States. The world’s fourth-biggest oil exporter has inserted a clause in its oil contracts allowing it to request payment in alternative currencies. […]

“Deep Integration”: Timeline of the Progress Toward a North American Union

The New Eugenics Crusade

Are we doomed to repeat the past? Almost forgotten, a shameful episode may be about to be resurrected

They met in Teheran

They met in Teheran

Israel Shamir reflects on the Holocaust conference in Teheran recently

The Green Zone Follies December 17, 2006

Pressures and discontent have grown to the point where diobedience and even mutiny are likely prospects within the US military in Iraq, writes a Green Zone insider from Baghdad

Irving is Free!

Irving is Free!

Good news in time for Christmas, writes Israel Shamir

The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 Was Caused By Vaccinations

As has been stated before, all medical and non-medical authorities on vaccination agree that vaccines are designed to cause a mild case of the diseases they are supposed to prevent. But they also know and admit that there is no way whatsoever to predict whether the case will be mild or severe – even deadly. […]

Subverting the Media

Corporate money has massive clout and if you want to stay in business, as an individual journalist, an independent commentator or media outlet, you don’t rock the boat

The Voice of the White House December 18, 2006

Brief report from a White House insider with the tantalising tease of an expose on one US presidential hopeful for early next year. It promises to be “highly inflammatory” and will not go down well with her potential running mate

The Ultimate Warrior: Robert Duncan O’Finioan

Trained from early childhood as a psychic warrior in a highly classified MKULTRA program, then mentally “programmed” to forget his training, Robert Duncan O’Finioan tells of how the programming broke down and his memories returned

Israeli 9/11 Hijacker Believed Planes Were Being Landed By Remote Control

His accent sounds Israeli: the Zionists get their own people to do their dirty work before sacrificing them too

US to warn Iran with naval buildup in Gulf

And what’s the betting that it will leave Ahmadinejad totally unfazed?

A Useful Anti-Zionist Boycott List

Don’t just avoid buying products made in Israel boycott those western firms that have actively assisted Israeli oppression. Like CATerpillar, one of whose bulldozers was used to crush Rachel Corrie to death in 2002

It’s Either Occupation or Education

Two in three children in Iraq have simply stopped going to school, according to a government report

Ex-soldiers break `silence’ on Israeli excesses

Yehuda Shaul tells Haroon Siddiqui `something rotten’ is going on in Gaza and the West Bank