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Senior Democrat renews call for military draft

Asked if he was still serious about the proposal for a universal draft he raised a couple of years ago, the influential Democratic lawmaker replied, “You bet your life. Underscore serious”

CIA Analysis Finds Iran Not Developing Nuclear Weapons

According to investigative journalist Seymour Hersch, a classifed CIA assessment has found no evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons program

Echoes of Roman Empire in Iraq and Washington

I thought today of professor Malcolm Willcock, to be precise, the gentlest, finest of academics who taught the ghastly Fisk Latin and Roman history when I turned up in the second year of Lancaster University’s life in 1965. He made the Roman Empire live and I think of him this morning — in the year […]

Israeli Map Says West Bank Posts Sit on Arab Land

Maps held by the Israeli government indicate that 40 percent of the land it plans to keep in any future deal with the Palestinians is private

BA worker loses bid to wear crucifix

Whether it be wearing a crucifix or a Muslim veil, displaying ones spiritual convictions is not going to be a feature of the New World Order. Thus it’s also now the official policy of the “World’s Favourite Airline”

Blair Admits: Iraq a “Disaster”

More double-speak, double think: first Tony Blair agrees with an interveiwer that the Iraq invasion was a mistake. Then the Prime Minister’s office says he didn’t mean it like that, it was just a “slip of the tongue”!

Secrets and mysteries of the B’nai B’rith

Founded in 1843, its founders intended it to ‘enlighten’ the ‘whole world like a lighthouse’. However, with the passage of time it influenced the birth of psychoanalysis, Zionism, Communism and the outcome of many modern US Presidential elections

Depleted Uranium, Another Gift From The Imperialists

In Gulf War I the US admits to using 300 tons of Depleted Uranium, although the actual figure is probably closer to 800 tons. In Gulf War II 1500 tons were used, bringing cancer, death and deformity to Coalition troops and innocent Iraqis for generations

State policy on abusive men: They will never change

The New York Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence forbids any state-funded programs from trying to rehabilitate abusers. The reason?

A Bombshell Drops on Cholesterol Medications Glass House

Protests force Israel to halt airstrikes

Protests by defiant Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have forced Israel to call off planned airstrikes on the homes of two militants

Chertoff says U.S. threatened by international law

Largely because it is acting in contravention of that law

Voice of the White House November 17, 2006

Even as I write, a White House insider confides, plans are afoot to activate more National Guard units, regardless what the State Governors want. The object? To send 70,000 fresh troops to Iraq to finally crush all opposition

Son of a Zionist Terrorist: Rahm Emanual’s Dirty Secret

Son of a Zionist Terrorist: Rahm Emanual’s Dirty Secret

The Democrat’s new “Golden Boy” (left) is the son of a terrorist

Cheney and Neo-Cons Plotting More Wars

In a scene worthy of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the neocons have stabbed President Bush and Condi Rice in the back. These modern-day Brutuses are now washing the blood from their hands as they prepare for the next act in this tragedy

Olmert orders killing of Hamas politicians

In order to stop Kassam rocket attacks, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has ordered his security chiefs to target the Hamas political leadership, the British Sunday Times newspaper reported on Sunday. The Times said that according to Israeli security sources, a decision to assassinate leading Hamas politicians was made by Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz. […]

Tasered For Refusing To Show ID?

A horror video that wouldn’t look out of place in Maoist China or Nazi Germany shows a student being repeatedly shot with a stun gun by UCLA police for the crime of not showing his ID

Date-rape drugs ‘hardly used’

A new study has found that in an overwhelming number of cases of alleged date rape, the incapacitating agent was not the notorious drug Rohypnol, but too much alcohol consumed by the victims themselves

The Hidden Agenda for World Government

How Tax Exempt Foundations work to promote a creation of a world-wide collective estate, as told by Norman Dodd, an East Coast establishment insider and former Congressional investigator into Tax Exempt Foundations

Irving, Zundel, Rudolf Still in Prison

Mark Weber looks at three of Europe’s “thought criminals”, what they are being held for and why there are growing calls for a complete overhaul of laws on so-called “Holocaust Denial”