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America has Just Lost Two More Wars

For a country which takes excessive pride in flags, uniforms, and marching bands and spends more than the rest of the planet combined on its military, the record of America’s forces since World War II is depressing, writes John Chuckman

Russia Hesitates – II

The flames of conflict between Christianity and Islam are being fanned across the globe. In Russia, the heads of the national Jewish Congress are reported to have transferred money to the most racist groups in order to turn them against Muslims

The Voice of the White House September 19, 2006

When a light plane strayed into the “Forbidden Zone” around the White House, a panic evacuation of staff was hilarious to watch. All kinds of panting chubbies, clutching pictures of Mom or their favorite plant, waddled away. Now everything is reversed

Senator concerned about who will cut his grass

The deciding question in the current debate over immigration in the US is: who will cut Senator William H. Frist’s lawns at his Tennassee mansion?

UN: Torture in Iraq may be worse now than under Saddam

Iraq’s “liberation” from Saddam, courtesy Bush and Blair – out of the frying pan and into the fire

The Masonic Proctectors

How can you totally CONTROL a population without having to be answerable to them? It’s easy, first take control of the media, covertly. Fathers Fighting Injustice explain how and name names in the process

The Lies of Tony B Liar

Whether warning that Saddam Hussein could deploy Weapons of Mass Destruction within “45 minutes” or making campaign promises which were never fulfilled, Tony Blair has used cynical lies to further his own political career. As the following link details

Dr. Reynolds exposes 9/11 TV fakery on Fox News

Their numbers are growing and so too is their weight of influence: to the point where the mainstream media can no longer ignore them. Watch a recent Fox News interview with leading 9/11 sceptic and former Chief Economist, US Dept of Labor, Morgan Reynolds

I Was A PR Intern in Iraq

In this astonishing confessional by an Oxford graduate who worked in the green zone of Baghdad, we see the perversity of the American version of a ‘free press’ in Iraq

Military Orders Suggest Iran Attack

An order sent to US ships near the Persian Gulf indicates something may be afoot

Patriots Question 9/11

Growing numbers of Americans are questioning what really happened on September 11, 2006. As their numbers grow so too does their authority as more senior members of US intelligence, military, and government question the official version of events

Largest Swiss Newspaper Asks if Bush Was Behind 9-11?

Swiss 9/11 investigators say: the more we research, the more we doubt the Bush version of events as suspicion over the official account grows worldwide

Israeli Diplomat Carrying Large Quantity of Explosives Arrested in Argentina

Last month an Israeli diplomat was caught carrying explosives through Buenos Aires international airport en route to Chile. Largely ignored by the media, he may have been involved in preparing a false flag terror attack to be blamed on “Muslim extremists”

9/11 Controlled Demolitions of September 11, 2001

This compilation of previously released material clearly shows that the World Trade Center towers – both the twin towers and the forty seven storey WTC 7, which until it collapsed was virtually undamaged – were all brought down by controlled demolitions

Afghanistan: Time for Truth

Do not believe what OUR media and politicians are telling us about Afghanistan. The respected European think-tank, Senlis Council just reported the Taliban movement is “taking back Afghanistan” and now controls that nation’s southern half

Tomlinson: The spy who was left out in the cold

Since being sacked by MI6, Richard Tomlinson has waged war on his former spymasters, by exposing the role they played in Princess Diana’s death. Now they’re exacting harsh revenge for his revealing what was really behind her “accident”

Ramadi caught in US street fight

Destroying infrastructure and cutting water and power “for days and even weeks is routine reaction to the resistance”, one resident said of the US occupation of Ramadi. It also happens to be exactly what the Israelis are doing in the Gaza and West Bank

Gaza: The children killed in a war the world doesn’t want to know about

Since the end of June, Israel has been waging a war almost unnoticed by Western media. Most of the casualties have been Palestinian civilians, including over 40 under the age of 18


Human rights organisations have found that the US government, in collusion with other governments across the world, is involved in the illegal detention and torture of completely innocent civilians. All in the name of fighting “terror”

Was it Muhhammad Who was Flying Those Bombers over Beirut?

Michael A. Hoffman reflects on the Pope’s recent comment on Islam and its implications