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9/11, 3/11, 7/7, All False Flags: Now 7/11 Terror

Signs are that the Mumbai train bombing was a false flag terror operation to heat up the war of civilizations on the Muslim world and keep India in line

Voice of the White House July 17, 2006

The US is trapped in a military quagmire in Iraq, writes a White House insider. Now however, much against the will of the current administration who know that it spells political suicide, Israel is trying to pull the US into an even more vicious clash

Illuminati Pedophiles in Washington D.C.

In 1994 Discovery Channel was due to broadcast a documentary exposing pedophile rings in Washington. Influential members of Congress put pressure on the cable industry to stop the broadcast and destroy ALL COPIES – however, you can watch it here

Hizbollah’s response reveals months of planning

Another dynamite report from Robert Fisk as he reveals Israel’s top-secret military air traffic control centre in Miron and the nerve-centre of the Israeli northern military command have been hit by Hizbollah missiles

What You Need to Know for Your Future

Various factions of the global intelligence community are behind the world’s drugs trade, writes James Casbolt, a former MI6 agent. However this is the very least of his revelations as he outlines how the New World Order is now working with aliens

When Terror is Just Fine

Already forgotten in the press is Israel’s behavior leading up to events in Lebanon, writes John Chuckman. Israel had blown up an entire family on a Gaza beach, carried out a number of other killings and killed about twenty innocent people in a week or so

Al Qaeda Presence in Kashmir complete hoax: Police

Claims that the terror group has spread to Kashmir are completely without foundation says the Inspector General of Kashmir Police

Taliban Takes Control of 2 Afghan Towns

History keeps repeating itself in Afghanistan. First it was the armies of the British Empire who were humilated, then those of the Soviet Union. Now those the New World Order could be about to meet the same fate

Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims – Bolton

In other words, only the ‘chosen people’ are killed by terrorists. Those innocent Lebanese civilians cut down by Israeli fire are just ‘accidents’

Israel: Long-range missile destroyed

Israel claimed that it had destroyed at least one long-range Iranian missile in the Lebanon which would have been capable of hitting Tel Aviv

Israel’s Dangerous Overreaction

The new Israeli “unilateralism” assumes opponents have no right to resist, no legitimate grievances and are “terrorists,” writes Henry Makow. This is the attitude of an aggressor who has no intention of negotiating and relies on force and intimidation

The Murder of Princess Diana

The official explanation of Diana’s fatal crash is that her driver, Henri Paul was drunk. But now we know that this is simply not true – so what really caused her fatal crash after she and Dodi(left) drove from the Hotel Ritz that night?

Russia May Send Navy Ships to Lebanon

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that the fighting between Israel and Lebanese guerrillas could ignite a wider conflict

Where’s Bush?

Only one man stands between Israel and World War III — unfortunately it’s the president

The Massacre of Marwaheen

The villagers were ordered by the Israeli soldiers to leave their homes. And leave they did, in a group of civilian cars full of woman, children and babies. Just in time for the Israeli jets to swoop overhead and strafe their convoy

Fear and defiance in the battered city

“We are so depressed,” said Layal al-Arab, 22, a nurse. “Two days ago we had everything, shopping and beautiful cafes. Now everything is damaged — including ourselves”

Israelis Attack Egyptian Ship

12 Egyptian sailors rescued to al-Bassel Hospital in Tartous, Syria. This may linked to a missile attack on an Israeli warship off Lebanon’s coast Friday night

Dubya Dubya Three

“By way of deception, thou shalt do war” is a Mossad motto, wrote Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent. It was also the principle behind Pearl Harbour and the Iraq invasion. Michael Rivero examines how it might again be leading to another clash

Rockets Kill 8 in Haifa

The day after Israeli planes strafe central Beirut Hezbollah rockets slam into the Israeli town of Haifa

Report: Damaged Israeli warship returns to port

Report: Damaged Israeli warship returns to port

Some background on the Israeli warship reported “severely” damaged off the Lebanese coast Friday night