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Stop the Israeli attack on Lebanon & Gaza!

Photos from a march in Sydney, Australia on Saturday protesting the ongoing Holocaust in Lebanon and Gaza

Duck’s Head Soup

The Israeli assault on the Lebanon is a war crime of opportunity, calculated to at last draw out Iran and draw in American arms to finish what they began in Iraq. Madness is the method, and Death was never going to take a holiday this summer

Human Shields of Nazareth

According to Gideon Meir, an Israeli government advisor: “We have never had it so good. The hasbara [propaganda] effort is a well-oiled machine” – Jonathan Cook looks at how the current crisis is being portrayed by a compliant media

Controlling the News July 16, 2006

We are given orders and we have to obey them: unless we want our paychecks to stop and be universally blackballed throughout the news industry, writes a media insider. So there are certain things media workers must NOT mention

Norman Baker MP on the death of David Kelly

Like Diana, suspicion over David Kelly’s ‘suicide’ just won’t go away. Now LibDem MP Norman Baker who is privately investigating his death, explains why he doubts Kelly took his own life. And note this was broadcast when audience figures would be minimal

Another 9/11 Anniversary is just around the corner

So how will you remember it?

Israel Calls-Up Reserves

Israel began calling-up reserves today in what is seen as preparation for a wider offensive in southern Lebanon

US says Iranians witnessed N.Korea missile test

Yet more indications that Iran may already have a nuclear capability

The Real Enemy?

Throughout history small groups of people have risen to power over the masses by setting one group against another. They generally don’t fight in the ensuing wars nor are they punished later for encouraging them. But one way or another, they profit

Federal Reserve Impedes ‘The Wanta Plan’

With the tacit assistance of US presidents, foreign owned private corporations have held up a new Marshall Plan for the US, which would have solved America’s burgeoning national deficit

Israel Kidnaps Two Brothers

The current crisis in the Middle East was triggered by the capture of 2 Israeli soldiers inside Lebanon. Yet several weeks before Israel kidnapped Palestinians from within Gaza – revealing the justification for the current offensive as a lie

New Israeli-Hezbollah fighting breaks out

Israel is meeting tougher resistance than it expected in southern Lebanon, with Hezbollah claiming to have killed and wounded more Israeli soldiers

Former Two-Star General Decries Official Government Version of September 11 Attacks

The 9/11 Truth Movement gathers momentum as more figures with authority and credibility begin to publicly question the official version of events

Pentagon Papers Author Daniel Ellsberg Says Government May Have Carried Out 9/11

Predicts Bush regime will stage terrorist attack to provide pretext for Iran, Syria Invasion, and justify Internment camps for American people

Israelis on the Offensive in Gaza

While the world’s attention is focused on the human tragedies unfolding in Lebanon, Israel has launched sweeping operations in Gaza and the West Bank

Despatch from Gaza

While the world’s attention is focused on the drama unfolding in Lebanon, Israel has effectively re-occupied the Gaza. Bringing more oppression and atrocities largely unreported by the mainstream media

The propaganda campaign for war, for Israel

Being waged by proxies and talking heads in the BBC, CNN, CBS, Fox News and the rest of the m ainstream media

The Moment of Truth Is Now for Arabs

It’s time to deal decisively with the problems caused by Israel, writes Hesham Tillawi, but in doing so not a single shot need be fired

“War” in the Middle East: It’s not what we’ve been told

The events taking place in Israel, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Syria and Lebanon have all been carefully planned by Israel to achieve Israeli goals

World War 3

Some say that WW3 now begun but according to Edgar J. Steel it began with 9-11 as he lays out a nightmarish follow-up that is entirely plausible