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Shrapnel Evidence Points to Israel’s Involvement

Despite the denials, mounting evidence points to Israeli guilt in the beach massacre in northern Gaza

Brigadier General Says Israel is the problem not Iraq

A Brigadier General spells out the reasons why America’s real problem is not Iraq or even Iran but Israel

Pearle Told Investors they Could Profit from War

Weeks after receiving top-secret US Government breifing documents on the emerging crisis with Iraq and North Korea Richard Pearle addressed an investment seminar on ways to profit from conflict with the two countries

Russia’s Putin Says Iran Has Right to Use Nuclear Energy

In effect, the battle lines for the next major conflict are being drawn

11,000 troops in Afghan offensive

Coalition forces in Afghanistan are preparing to launch their biggest offensive since toppling the Taliban 5 years ago

NWO Plans for the 6-6-6 RFID Chip

The technology is ready and we are closer to the day when everybody will be chipped, bearing the mark of the Beast. The Alpha Omega Report details how moves are underway to control society and every aspect of life

AFP Cracks Secret Meeting

Writing in the American Free Press, veteran Bilderberg investigator James P. Tucker Jr. notes that Bilderberg members are worried they can’t control Chavez, Iran and neo-con war machine

Bilderberg Provocateurs Tried To Instigate Violence

Working with the Canadian government, it looks like Bilderberg fielded agent provocateurs to foment unrest and discredit alternative media and protesters

North Korea to test launch Taepodong-2 missile to hit US territory next week

North Korea is about to resume its role in the “Axis of Evil” next week when it launches the Taepodong-2 missile. With a range of 6,000 kilometers it would easily reach US bases in Okinawa and possibly Alaska

Raid victim says police shot without warning

Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, told a news conference today how British police shot him, without any warning. According to Kahar: “We both had eye contact, he shot me straight away,”

Voice of the White House June 11, 2006

More insights from a Beltway insider, this week: some reflections on Ann Coulter, the latter-day Bitch of Belsen

Feminism Killed Courtship on Campus

Far from “liberation”, feminism has thoroughly degraded women. Henry Makow Ph.D. examines the prevailing sexual mores on campus where female students are now treated little better, probably worse, than whores – exactly as the elite planned all along

Zionist massacre isolates Israel

The massacre of Palestinian civilians on a beach in northern Gaza was a terror attack, pure and simple. Although Israel refuses to claim responsibility

US ‘planning to keep 50,000 troops in Iraq for many years’

And the figure of fifty thousand is probably an underestimate

The Mindlock Part 4 – Is it us or them?

Who is that stranger on the path? Our own shadow, or someone else?

Interveiw with Aaron Russo

Former rock promoter and Hollywood producer, Aaron Russo may seem an unlikely political campaigner. But with his latest movie, From Freedom to Fascism earning standing ovations, Russo explains why the US tax system is based on fraud and needs an overhaul

Winston Churchill & the Rothschild Connection

He was recently voted the greatest Englishman ever in a British newspaper poll, but Winston Churchill may have been the country’s greatest traitor

Fall of Mogadishu leaves US policy in ruins

It was a rout. After months of fighting that left hundreds dead Mogadishu fell suddenly this week: pick-up trucks with mounted machine-guns and young warriors scrambled to leave the city. The victors broadcast a triumphant announcement that the warlords had been ousted. In their place a relatively disciplined militia promised order and security after 15 […]

Shadowy group meets amid secrecy in Ottawa

According to a Bilderberg press release, one of the key items to be discussed at Ottawa’s Bilderberg meeting will be the best way to deal with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

VIPs’ arrivals marked by a discreet ‘B’

The limo drivers had them, so did the luggage tags – signs with a single B – and they were the ticket to get into the Bilderberg meeting at the Brookstreet, write Andrew Mayeda and Glen McGregor