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The Amazing Cures of a Brazilian Miracle Man

The rich and famous, poor and sick all queue to see him. João Teixeira da Faria, the renowned Brazilian healer whose claim to embody the spirits of King Solomon and St Ignatius Loyola is backed by the healing of literally thousands of sick and ailing

By Dawn’s Early Light

It may be too late to find out if Iran is nuclear capable by peaceful means and we may only find out in a full on military clash. At least, that is what Bush and the Neocons are banking on

Iran: expect “good nuclear news” on Tuesday night

Iranians will hear “good news” on Tehran’s nuclear programme, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said. Adding that “Our enemies cannot do a damn thing…and they know it”

Spanish prosecutor wants Sept 11 conviction quashed

Calling the evidence weak and unconvincing, Spain’s public prosecutor urged a court to overturn an alleged al Qaeda leader’s conviction in February

The Iran Plans

There is a growing conviction among members of the United States military, and in the international community, that President Bush’s ultimate goal in the nuclear confrontation with Iran is regime change

15% of Israeli Holocaust survivors are in need of chronic care

Holocaust survivors are a tough bunch. They must be. How else can you explain the fact that over sixty years after the liberation of Auschwitz they still number nearly three hundred thousand in Israel alone

911 Loose Change 2nd Edition

Watch the acclaimed video complete with extra footage. Described as the “best” and “most provocative” 911 documentary out there, with a running time of over an hour and twenty minutes, Dylan Avery’s video is an absolute must see

The Voice of the White House March 6, 2006

There is a time bomb ticking away for the current residents of the White House, writes a Beltway insider, and that is the treatment of dead GIs. And if, or more likely, when it goes public Bush’s ratings will go down the drain – for ever

On 9/11: Was the Asbestos-Laced World Trade Center “Disposable”?

Thanks to the grassroots “9/11 Truth” movement, many millions now know there is evidence that 9/11 was an “inside job”; an example of “false-flag,” state-sponsored terrorism to provide a pretext for a premeditated war

White House Ordered Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Sodomized

The Bush Administration has sunk to a new low. Wayne Masden reports that orders for the sexual humiliation of prisoners at Abu Ghraib came directly from a homosexual and peadophile ring operating inside the White House

Israeli soldier “murdered” Briton-inquest

An inquest in London has found that an award winning British cameraman shot dead by Israeli soldiers was effectively “murdered”

Bush Administration Media Collusion Memos Surface

The story posted under this headline was, we are informed, intended as satire. Guerrilla explains why

Bush and neocons beating war drums for attack on Iran

Prompted by the Washington’s neocons, the U.S. is edging ever closer to direct military confrontation with Iran. However, while such a clash may be inevitable the question of exactly when is still wide open to debate

Voice of the White House April 2, 2006

US power may be at its zenith but like Rome it could quickly disintergrate, leaving smaller regional powers across N. America. It happened in Rome so could the illegal alien crisis be the forerunner of this process? A White House insider investigates

Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect

The former head of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter has declared that the official version of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory and that the chief suspect behind the attacks is Dick Cheney

How Massacres Become the Norm

“It amazes me that so many people in the US today somehow seriously believe that American soldiers would never kill civilians”, writes Dahr Jamail. As he recounts a few incidents that illustrate that this has now become a day-to-day event in Iraq

Iraq much worse off than before we “liberated” it

I talked recently with a National Guardsman home on leave. He says Americans are hated, despised and feared by those they were supposed to have liberated

America’s war on the web

While the US remains committed to hunting down al-Qaeda operatives, it is now taking the battle to new fronts. Deep within the Pentagon, technologies are being deployed to wage the war on terror on the internet, in newspapers and even through mobile phone

Russia Assures U.S. No Warning Given to Saddam on Plans to Attack Iraq

Russia has given the United States written assurance that it did not provide Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein with information on U.S. plans to invade Iraq in 2003, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said, the AFP news agency reported. The chief U.S. diplomat, testifying before Congress, said that her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, had given her […]

Zionists Maybe Behind Two Other Alabama Church Fires

More Alabama churches have been torched as speculation mounts that the most recent arson attacks were intended to take the heat off the three suspects currently out on bond of $50,000 each