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Your Future According to Rockefeller

How a fifty year old book on American oligarchs the Rockefellers, prefigured what’s happening today

Rense & Alex Jones: Caught Red-Handed

Two of the independent Internet media’s most prominent figures have been caught censoring articles. Are Jeff Rense and Alex Jones truly the independent operators they claim to be?

On the Possibility of a Military Coup in the United States of America

With a fourth retired US general publicly calling on Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld to resign, dissatisfaction within the ranks of the US military is becoming all the more evident. Leading to speculation that it may even result in a military coup

Bush on Drugs Again: Stoned at National Governors Conference

It’s well known that the younger George W. Bush narrowly escaped a cocaine related conviction. Now Ken Welch has came up with incriminating evidence that the man with his finger on America’s nuclear button is still snorting

U.S. strike on Iran could make Iraq look like a warm-up bout

Speculation mounts in the mainstream media, as to if a US strike on Iran will take place, and the likely consequences

The Judicial Hijacking of the 9-11 Victim Lawsuits

Why have the many cases brought by relatives of loved ones lost on 9-11, not been heard in open trials with juries? And why has the Israeli-owned airline security company involved in the shocking security lapses, been granted complete immunity?

Voice of the White House April 13, 2006

A White House insider reports that senior military sources are saying that there is an unreserved coup d’etat mentality building in the Pentagon. Rage is directed at Bush himself, Rice, Rumsfeld and the detested and vicious Cheney

Britain took part in mock Iran invasion

As tension mounts its been revealed that preparation for possible military action were underway as long ago as 2004

Don’t buy it

Corporate-sponsored disease is a triumph of marketing over science

Israel Says US Should Take Lead in Dealing With Iran’s Nuclear Program

In other words the people behind the invasion of Iraq are now pushing for another military confronatation. With Israel being the main beneficiary

Rumours of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s survival were greatly exaggerated

So who really killed Nick Berg?

Rumsfeld lies, AP covers it up

Once again the mainstream news media has been caught, this time assisting an embattled Donald Rumsfeld

New Russian Missiles to Be Unrivalled for Next 15-20 Years — Expert

The arms race has quietly restarted

Welcome to the World of Synthetic Terror

Welcome to the World of Synthetic Terror

This was sent to over 1,000 US media editors. Will they publish it or even refer to it? Your guess is as good as any but their response will be a measure of how “free” the media is as engineers and scientists begin to question the official 9/11 line

The Mirror UK: Robo-Jet Plan to Strike Iran

Just like the ones that flew into the World Trade Center towers?

The Cover-Up Of Vince Foster’s Murder Gets Stranger and Stranger

Miguel Rodriguez, the lead investigator for independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr, wont talk and now goes by the name of U.S. Attorney Michelle Rodriguez

Physicist says heat substance felled WTC

The Brigham Young University professor who stirred controversy by claiming that bombs, not planes, toppled the WTC towers seems set to ignite further heated debate

Voice of the White House April 10, 2006

Plans have been prepared to attack Iran but they remain plans for a possible future action, writes a White House insider. Meanwhile senior military personages are beginning to say that Bush may have to be physically removed from office

Systematic erasure

He’s been banned by Rense, as was Joe Vialls, but he is welcome here. John Kaminski explores how the human knowledge base has been manipulated to conceal the puppetmasters’ profits

Report: Israel pressuring U.S. over Iran attack

Believing that Iran is only months away from a critical breakthrough in its nuclear program, Israel is reported to be trying to persuade the Americans to attack. However if it fails to persuade the US, Israel is said to have its own attack plan