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Voice of the White House March 16, 2006

Fear is becoming evident in America’s ruling circles, write a Beltway insider, as it becomes evident that Bush and his cronies are losing their grip on the reins of power

Milosevic Autopsy: The Murderers Clear Themselves

Did you really believe for a second that the Dutch, the only NATO country to vote in Parliament in favor of illegal aggression would conduct a fair autopsy? The first Yugoslav jet was shot down by a Dutch warplane

Who made this plan?

Ugly Americans, Dancing Israelis and the crown are endlessly making war on the whole world

“The Final Word Is Hooray!”

How mainstream media commentators first reported on the Iraq invasion and how, with the benefit of hindsight, it is now apparent they got it completely wrong

Dutch come up with tolerance test

Strange as it may seem, uncontrolled immigration is now being used to promote wider acceptance of homosexuality in Holland. And if you don’t like that then you don’t belong there

Launch of Iranian oil trading hits wall

Touted by some as a potential pretext for a US strike on Iran – because it would challenge the US dollars dominance in international oil trade – the launch of an Iranian bourse may take longer than expected

More agents-provocateurs in Iraq

Is much of the seemingly senseless violence in Iraq being carried out by agent-provocateurs in order to provoke civil war? Xymphora looks at the ways this might be being done

US, Britain complicit in Israeli war crime

US, Britain complicit in Israeli war crime

The Israeli attack on Jericho’s prison was coordinated with Washington and London, which withdrew their monitors stationed at the facility only minutes before Israeli troops backed by tanks and armored bulldozers stormed into Jericho

Illegal Immigration is Destroying America’s National Sovereignty

The same tactics used to absorb and destroy native cultures in North America 200 years ago are being used today to absorb and destroy modern America. And illegal immigration is a key component of these tactics

US ‘may want to keep Iraq bases’

Despite talking about reducing troop numbers, the man in charge of US Central Command, General John Abizaid, has spoken of possibe permanent US military bases in Iraq

3 Jewish Boys Arrested for Church Burnings

3 Jewish Boys Arrested for Church Burnings

Virtually unreported by the mainstream media, the spate of arson attacks on churches in Alabama has finally been solved and it was all a prank. Or was it?

The Privatisation of War

Wayne Madsen reports from a two day Special Forces conference where he finds the trend in modern conflicts is increasingly toward “private security contractors”. In plain language, mercenaries

Rest Easy, Bill Clinton: Milosevic Can’t Talk Anymore

What the corporate media overwhelmingly ignores in Milosevic’s death is what they ignored in his life as well — his intimate knowledge of U.S. war crimes in Yugoslavia

The weight of demons

9/11 hoax, phony Iraq war, poison media propaganda wind up justifying torture

Voice of the White House March 12, 2006

Bush has no problem with his friends making money through crooked deals, writes a Beltway insider. After all, he and his brothers and other family members have been doing this for years and gotten clean away with it

Why Milosevic Was Murdered

Blood tests show that Milosevic’s body contained a drug that rendered his usual medication for high blood pressure and his heart condition ineffective, causing the heart attack that led to his death

Pakistan weekly spills 9/11 beans

The Telegraph of India reports that members of the Commission investigating the events of September 11, 2001, have been caught accepting bribes

Apocalypse on Hold

More about the proposed US military strike on Iran. We are informed by a source with a proven track record that it won’t happen, at least not just yet

Gulags For American Citizens In Final Planning Stages

Preparations to intern US citizens in forced labor camps appear to have accelerated over the past month and commentators are warning that the long anticipated round-up of dissidents may begin soon

With Apologies to Readers

Its been years in gestation, but a new type of totalitarianism has appeared, intent on stifling all voices of opposition. Like this one