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What Really Happened? Michael Rivero

Alex Jones talks to Michael Rivero, editor of, about the real agenda behind the worldwide Muslim riots and the timetable for a military strike on Iran

Cartoons and Bombs

I wonder, are waves of angry protest, flag burning, and embassy burning in the name of religion any less rational than waves of B-52s, cluster bombs, and torture in the name of democracy? So when I hear any American official speak about the worldwide protests against unflattering cartoons of Islam’s Prophet, it is difficult to […]

Iran paper plans Holocaust cartoons

In response to the publication in European newspapers of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, the graphics editor of an Iranian newspaper has announced a competion for cartoons depicting the Holocaust

Cartoon editor Fleming Rose and the tentacles of PNAC

As many suspected, the cartoons depicting Mohammed that provoked such anger among Muslims were a deliberate provocation. Turns out the man behind them is a disciple of Daniel Pipes and the “clash of civilisations” theory

Fred West: Caterer to a Coven?

Fred West: Caterer to a Coven?

Fred West was one of Britain’s most notorious mass killers. Quite literally he seemed the embodiment of evil; yet as the following reveals there may well have been far more to his campaign of terror than was revealed by the mainstream media. And it would be a mistake to assume that this is a unique […]

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

While the carpenter joins his wood…and as the farmer prepares his harvest…the world, as we know it is about to change, forever

Voice of the White House February 6, 2006

The entire issue of anti-American terrorism on the part of the world Muslim community could be instantly ended, writes a Beltway insider. The sole cause of this is the blind subservience of all levels of the American government to Israeli interests

Mossad and 911

Mossad and 911

The idea that Bin Laden was not behind the events of September 11th may seem at odds with the spin coming from the mainstream media. But there is in fact a growing amount of evidence, largely ignored by the press, which shows that this is precisely the case. Moreover it has even been suggested that […]

The Illegal Government Arms Trade. When You Try To Take Away ‘The Toys of the Big Boys,’ They Play For Keeps

Two key figures who knew too much about arms sales to Iran and Iraq were most likely targets of government hit squads. While politicians illegally profit, people who get too close to their ‘cash cow’ die trying to tell the truth

MI6 secret documents and Astra Commission Documents Reveal How Politicians Reaped Huge Profits Off Illegal Middle East Arms Sales

MI6 agent Sephan Kock fronts as a Midland Bank consultant to keep the arms deal to Iran and Iraq secret from the UK and U.S. public. Documents reveal high level British politicians guilty of selling illegal weapons eventually used against US/UK troops

The Devil Is in The Details But Crooked Politicians Are Devious At Hiding Their Dirty Work in the Illegal Arms Sales To Iran And Iraq

The trail to find the “masters of evil” leads to Washington and London, as hundreds of thousands of innocents have died while killer Western politicians profit from the illegal arms trade, writes Greg Szymanski

The Big ‘Allivane-Astra’ Picture. The Trail of Illegal Weapons Sold To Iran And Iraq Starts In Washington And London

High-level officials on both sides of the Atlantic hide their ‘dirty scheme’ to profit from illegal Middle East weapons sales. MI6 and CIA infiltrate overseas ‘front companies’ to make sure illegal sales goes off without a hitch

Why Denmark Must Issue an Apology to Muslims

Why Denmark Must Issue an Apology to Muslims

There is only one way out of the present crisis, argues Christopher Bollyn, Denmark must apologise clearly and unreservedly

Iran to pay “heavy price” for nuclear weapon ambition: Israel

Israeli acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Sunday that Iran would pay “a very heavy price” if it continued with its nuclear program

Was Victor Rothschild a "Soviet Agent"?

Was Victor Rothschild a “Soviet Agent”?

A central banking cartel is stealthily erecting a “world governance” dictatorship while distracting us with sex and sports. Henry Makow Ph.D. provides a smoking gun, British central banker Victor Rothschild who worked to advance Communism

Dude, Where’s My Advertising? 10 Disturbing Trends in Subliminal Persuasion

Subliminal advertising has gone mainstream – fake news, mind control scripts, propaganda and stealth voicemail are in wide use by corporations, government bodies, and industry groups. Have you spotted any of these?

Diana Crash ‘Caused By Laser Beam’

The new evidence supports suspicion that Diana and Al Fayed were assassinated by the British Secret Service on behalf of the UK’s royal family

Frist says military action a posssibility against Iran

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said that the United States must be prepared to take military action against Iran if all other avenues fail

Iran Incapable of Building Nuclear Bomb — Russian Expert

“In reality, the U.S. is provoking Iran”, says Pavel Ipatov, the former head of a nuclear power plant

Understanding Propaganda

The most effective propaganda comes in under the radar, it’s innocuous and appeals to our humanity, writes Dr. R. Winfield. Like Brokeback Mountain, one of the most insidious pieces of propaganda of recent times