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The Rothschilds Part II

We look back at the history of the world’s most powerful family and their plans for the future. Including, their preparations for World War III

Michael Chertoff: The Master of Disaster

Michael Chertoff: The Master of Disaster

If anyone belongs in Guantanamo, chained to a floor, abused and beaten about for answers – it is Michael Chertoff, not some poor taxi drivers from Kabul!

New Abu Ghraib Photos Aired

Despite the US Government fighting a court case to keep them secret, the Abu Ghraib scandal may be about to return as more shocking images have begun circulating that are as bad as anything hitherto seen

Iran has the U.S.’s number

Anyone wishing to dismiss Ahmadinejad’s statements as the ravings of a madman should beware, writes Arthur R. Butz, he has our number, and he’s giving it to others

Voice of the White House February 13, 2006

A White House insider has two items to report. The first concerns the recent hunting “accident” involving the vice President. The second explains exactly why George Bush took so long to adequately respond to the Hurricane Katrina crisis

The Pope was Jewish says historian

Instead of asking: is the Pope Catholic? Maybe we should be asking: is the Pope Jewish? Because a Manchester historian now claims that Pope John Paul II was Jewish

Apocalypse 1945

Apocalypse 1945

Hollywood doesn’t make films about it; that would be taboo. But just over 60 years ago as many as half a million died in a real holocaust that swept what was once known as the Venice of northern Europe

Accidents will happen

Dick Cheney’s hunting “accident” recalls how Cathy O’Brien once wrote that Cheney had an apparent obsession with the thrill of “human hunting”. How he appeared addicted to traumatizing mind control victims as a means of satisfying his lust for control

Bush could seize absolute control of U.S. government

In 1982 Colonel Oliver North devised a plan to impose martial law across the US, which involved jailing 21 million African Americans in “relocation camps”. Since then the plan remained in place, dormant, until George Bush took office

Venezuela ready to receive Hamas visit ‘with pleasure’

Asked if the Venezuelan government will receive the Islamic militant group, Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel told reporters, “Of course we will. What is the problem?”

Russia’s Communist Leader Calls Cartoon Scandal US Provocation

The leader of Russia’s Communist Party has joined a growing number of people, from different faiths, who have condemned the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as a deliberate provocation

Black Op Terrorists Threaten to Kill Jill Carroll

Kurt Nimmo on how a previously unknown and unidentified terror group emerged from nowhere yesterday to kidnap independent journalist and peace campaigner Jill Carroll

Fake Al Qaeda

The phony (Mossad) Al Qaeda cell in Palestine

Voice of the White House February 9, 2006

Two items of interest, writes a Beltway insider. The first, cartoons depicting the Prophet that have stirred so much anger, you have undoubtedly heard about. The second you are unlikely to hear about soon but is in its own way just as significant

Odigo says workers were warned of attack

The instant messaging service confirms: hours before the September 11 attacks its workers recieved warnings

President Bush Forever!

The National Guard honored President Bush with a life-size bust at a gala ceremony in Washington, DC on Thursday. When you see the photos, take a close look at the inscription on the marble bust…

The Power of Sacrifice: Then and Now

The Power of Sacrifice: Then and Now

Question: What do Mexico’s stone pyramids; Britain’s ancient druids, rogue Italian secret service agents and corruption in the modern judiciary have in common? Answer: Black magic and the practise of ritual human sacrifice

U.S. troops likely to stay in Iraq for a long time: experts

Forget what you may hear about troop levels bring reduced in Iraq; just as in Germany, Japan and South Korea, US troops could be in Iraq for some time to come

Israel plans to build ‘museum of tolerance’ on Muslim graves

Being built for the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesanthal Centre, the museum is intended to promote: “”unity and respect among Jews and between people of all faiths”

Russian Military, German Businessmen Aid Iran Arms Program — Report

Reports indicate that Iran may have acquired and/or developed the technology to increase the range of its Shahab-3 missile (pictured left) from 2000km to 3,500km, bringing much of central Europe within range