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NSA: Free Speech is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

As further evidence the Bushcons are not interested in snooping “al-Qaeda,” and in fact there is no “al-Qaeda” threat in America, consider revelations that the NSA snooped the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore, a Quaker peace group

Against School

A former New York State and New York City Teacher of the Year explains how public education cripples children, and why

Eustace Found!

Some good news for a change

Media’s War Images Delude Instead of Inform

Norman Soloman on how news media coverage often presents us with a false impression; an illusion that can be manipulated to the advantage of pundits and politicians alike

The assassination of David Rosenbaum

David Rosenbaum had recently retired from the New York Times newsroom, an organisation with a lot to hide, before muggers in an upscale NY neighbourhood murdered him and left his valuables. Was he about to expose more than he should have?

Where’s Eustace?

Famous author/researcher says, “Israel actually plans to exterminate the entire Arab Muslim population in the world …” and now he’s missing!

Voice of the White House January 9, 2006

The American public is growing increasingly restive and the White House knows it, writes an insider. So much so that one Senator, a bug-eyed religious ninny, has suggested, that Bush ought to fabricate a ”National Emergency”, and call out the military

Russia Hardens Tone on Iran, Says Won’t Block US Efforts

Iran’s decision to resume nuclear research “personally disappoints me and gives some cause for alarm,” Russian news agencies quoted Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov as saying

Blair seeks U.N. agreement on Iran

Iran removed U.N. seals at uranium enrichment research facilities on Tuesday as it prepared to resume production of uranium fuel. Defying the international community and sending jitters through world stock markets

Israel, Let Me Count the Ways

Mark Glenn enumerates exactly what Americans have to thank Israel for

Two men face trial over “Jazeera bombing” leak

The fact that David Keogh (pictured left) faces treason charges for leaking a memo over discussions between Tony Blair and George Bush on plans to bomb Al Jazeera TV is a measure of how far down the road toward true totalitarianism we really are

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003

As you view these shocking images, bear in mind that this is what Britain and America wrought on unborn innocents in Iraq and it will be their legacy for generations to come. More evidence of Bush and Blair’s Crimes Against Humanity

Blair Should Be Impeached Over Iraq War: UK General

British Prime Minister Tony Blair should be impeached for his role in the Iraq war, a senior British Army officer has been quoted as saying

Iran’s nuclear ambitions pose the next big test

Make no mistake, Ariel Sharon’s stroke changes nothing regarding Iran, Israel’s acting leader has already been briefed on plans to strike at its atomic facilities

GM: New study shows unborn babies could be harmed

Russian researchers have found that more than half of the rats born to mothers fed with genetically modified soya when pregnant and nursing, died within 6 months of birth

“My Uncle was murdered”

An email from a grieving family member tells how an innocent Iraqi was murdered by US troops, robbed of $10,000 he was carrying and his body dumped unceremoniously at the local hospital. With a footnote by Cindy Sheehan

Bush announces radical shift in foreign policy; No U.S. media report it

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, David Sirota reports on a momentous change in US foreign policy

“Thanking” Sharon

President Bush has described him as “a man of peace” and a “visionary” but as Mike Odetalla explains, Sharon’s past is anything but that of “a man of peace”

Jesus Christ, Outlaw

Just as Saint Nicholas was transformed into Santa Claus and more recently, Kriss Kringle, and Christmas became abbreviated to Xmas, Edgar J. Steele reflects on how the very name of Christ is being quietly removed from the Christ Mass celebrations

The Quiet Death Of Freedom

A man emerged from the fog, carrying a small wreath. “I intend to place this at the Cenotaph and read out the names of the dead in Iraq,” he said. With his head bowed, he laid the wreath. 30 years earlier I’d seen something similar outside the Kremlin