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Hollywood Pushes Racial Intermarriage

Hollywood Pushes Racial Intermarriage

The New World Order is intent on dynamiting the four pillars of our human identity: God (religion), race, nation and family (gender) better to control us. In the process, Hollywood is a weapon of mass deception being used to promote racial intermarriage

The Marijuana Trick

Doug Yurchey looks at the history of Hemp and the real reason why it is now illegal. As with so many other things, we’ve been sold a lie to maximise the profits of a few

The Jordan river of lies

There are all kinds of problems with the Official Story of the Jordanian bombings. I’ve mentioned some already, and here are some more

Watch your back, professor!

Prim and proper looking BYU professor crosses into uncharted 9/11 truth waters. Bush attack dogs lurking around every corner. Advised in for whirlwind 9/11 ride, after claiming WTC was controlled demolition

Bomb in ceiling caused Jordan hotel blast – source

Bomb in ceiling caused Jordan hotel blast – source

Initial reports suggested that the Amman blasts were not “suicide attacks” but the result of pre-position explosives and we’ve got the photos to prove it

Y. professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

Those who doubt the official version are now legion and their numbers are growing. Among them a Brigham Young University physics professor who says that no steel-frame building has ever collapsed due to fire and only explosives could explain it

The Holocaust Heresy Trial of Ernst Zündel Begins in Germany

Christopher Bollyn reports from the first day of the trial of revisionist Ernst Zundel in Mannheim, Germany

American Leviathan Part One

What do you do when you find a network of high-ranking officials, doctors, lawyers, judges – the very pillars of the community – involved in Satanism, child kidnapping, human sacrifice and ritual abuse. Whom do you tell and equally, who will believe you?

Voice of the White House November 11, 2005

Voice of the White House November 11, 2005

New revelations about the real reason behind the Iraq debacle, writes a White House insider. And if you happened to have voted for Bush, perhaps you would be better off sticking your head into the oven and turning on the gas (apologies here to Abe Foxman)

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party’s decline

With the President’s popularity at an all time low, a confidential memo circulating among senior Republicans suggests that a new “terror attack” could reverse his waning support

More confirmation that Israelis were evacuated prior to attacks

Despite Israeli denials and the retraction of the original Haaretz report, a former senior Israeli counter-terrorism official has confirmed that Israeli citizens were evacuated from the hotels prior to the attacks

Who died, and who didn’t, in Jordan

Xymphora looks at the claims, denials and counter claims surrounding the Israeli foreknowledge – or its claimed ignorance – of the recent Amman bombings

The universe is a laughing woman

Our planet has become a toxic landfill because men’s rituals obscure reality

Israelis evacuated before attack

How many coincidences can we take? First Israelis at the Odigo message center in Israel were warned in advance about the WTC attacks, then when Benjamin Netanyahu was in London he was warned not to go out minutes before the 7/7 attacks and now this!!

Fallujah – The Hidden Massacre: Photo Gallery

Warning: contains extremely graphic images from a recent Italian TV documentary that alleged US forces used banned chemical weapons in Fallujah. Exposes the true horror of war and the crimes being committed by US forces against Iraqi civilians

China’s New “Cozyness” with Palestine Targeted

Barely mentioned in the mainstream media, 3 Chinese were among the dead of the Amman bombings. They belonged to a Delegation of the Chinese Defense Forces holding talks to strengthen ties with their Palestinian and/or Jordanian counterparts…

Palestinian Sec. Chief was the Real Target

In a desperate attempt to conceal involvement/foreknowledge of the recent Jordanian hotel attacks, Israel is denying its citizens were evacuated from the hotels before the bombings that wiped out top Palestinian security personnel

And! – The Palestinian Secret Service Boss Got Killed…

Not only were Israelis evacuated from the hotels shortly prior to the attacks but General Bashir Nafeh, commander of the Palestinian Special Forces, was also killed in the blasts

Israelis evacuated from Amman hotel hours before bombings

A number of Israelis staying in the Jordanian hotels hit by suicide attacks, were escorted back to Israel by Israeli security personnel shortly before the blasts

French Riots are Punishment for Rejecting EU, Neo Cons

What better way to achieve tyranny, writes a Budapest based correspondent, than to first provoke a social cataclysm before offering the iron fist of totalitarianism as the solution?