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Iran points finger at Britain over bombing

Although the British Embassy in Tehran has furiously denied any involvement, Iranian officials have implied British ties to the bombs in Ahvaz on Saturday which left 5 dead and over 100 injured

The Dying Art of Femininity

“Fascinating Womanhood” written 40 years ago, would never be published today because it is subversive to the New World Order. It upholds inborn gender differences and roles and although outdated at times, its basic principles are right

Saddam interrogation screened - in silence. The question is: Why?

Saddam interrogation screened – in silence. The question is: Why?

Robert Fisk asks why was Saddam Hussein’s court appearance broadcast in silence? We think we may have the answer

Flying Saucers of the Third Reich

According to collaborators, between 1941 and 1945 the Nazis embarked on projects to develop what can only be described as “flying saucers”, the plans and prototypes of which were destroyed before they could fall into the hands of advancing Soviet forces

Civilwarland in Bad Decline

The UK/US Coalition is clearly trying to foment civil war in Iraq. First two SAS men disguised as Iraqis were caught planting explosives in Basra, now two US Special Forces men dressed as Arabs have been caught parking a car bomb in Baghdad

Dunblane Secret Documents Contain Letters by Tory and Labour Ministers

LETTERS between Labour and Tory ministers and correspondence relating to Thomas Hamilton’s alleged involvement with Freemasonry are part of a batch of more than 100 documents about the Dunblane mass murder which have been sealed from public sight for 100 years. The documents include a letter connected to Hamilton, which was sent by George Robertson, […]

Five US soldiers killed in Iraq

The death toll in the new Iraq steadily mounts

UK commanders dismiss allegations of Iranian interference in Iraq

Contrary to reports in Britain’s mainstream media, British military commanders on the ground in Iraq are dismissive of Iranian involvement in recent violence in Basra, with some officers suggesting that such claims were “fabricated”

The Iconoclast October 14, 2005

As the tide of public opinion swings against him, even junior White House staff are growing aware that President Bush’s power is disintegrating, writes a White House insider

Phantoms, Daemons and Finders

In the 80’s and early 90’s, as awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse grew, reports surfaced of clowns and social workers terrorising children across the US and in the UK. Was this an effort to undermine the growing understanding of Satanic Ritual abuse?

Planet Waves

Humankind received yet another harsh message from its landlord last week, writes Chris Floyd. All across the Hindu Kush, spreading through Central and South Asia, came an underground tsunami of stone

NOLA Senior Citizen Assaulted: It’s Just Cops on a NWO Beat

It’s a mistake to turn the beating of Robert Davis, a retired school teacher, into a racial incident. For tt would seem sadists and bullies are deliberately recruited as police officers these days and the citizenry at large is the enemy

Al Gore decries media power, heralds the freedom of the internet

In a little reported speech recently, former Vice President Al Gore warned of the demise of America’s “press freedom” and, while lauding the freedom of debate offered by the Internet, said that because of this democracy itself was under threat in America

Iran accused of training Iraqi bombers

Clearly raising the stakes, officials in London have openly accused Iran of being behind much of the violence in Iraq. In the view of some observers, preparing the ground to justify attacking Iran

The Federal Reserve is Privately Owned

And like the Bank of England, it creates money out of nothing then lends it to the government of the day, to be repaid plus interest. What’s more, the Fed’s owners aren’t even American but feature familiar names like Rothschild, Warburg and Lazard

The song we all will sing

Remembering the principal point of interface reduces the amount of senseless murders

DHS and AOL: An Unholy Alliance

The American-based internet giant, AOL, wholly-owned by Time-Warner, has formed a working partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Virus in Turkey is “Highly Pathogenic”

Tests confirm that the Bird Flu virus found in Turkey is of a strain that poses a direct threat to humans

Republican Congressman Slams Bush On Militarized Police State Preparation

Congressman Ron Paul says that stories about the indictment of Bush and his cronies are more damaging than the media is portraying and that moves to combat avian flu are a ruse to implement martial law and gun confiscation

Robert Fisk in London

On 11 October, Robert Fisk made a rare appearances in a London bookshop where he spoke to promote his latest book The Great War of Civilisation. Sarah Meyer recounts what he had to say