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Duck Soup

The news from Iraq gets worse by the day but the only way can Bush can advance his backers agenda is through more wars, writes Chris Floyd.

Russia and China join forces to challenge US dominance

As the two nations embark on their first ever joint military exercise in the Shandong Peninsula

Fire Dept Tape Invalidates Key Points Official 911 Story

Firefighters who had reached the eightieth floor of the north tower reported that much of the fire caused by burning jet fuel had largely burned out. Not once did they indicate the slightest concern for the buildings structural integrity

Migrants awarded vigilante’s Ariz. ranch

Families, national and ethnic groups provide a sense of community that can stand as bulwarks against the onslaught of the New World Order. Which is why it is in the interests of the elite to promote mass migration and the break up of families, nations and homogeneous communities: leaving in its wake isolated individuals, all […]

How Could They Get it So Wrong?

How Could They Get it So Wrong?

Or was Charles de Menezes killing not a “tragic mistake” but a carefully staged execution?

The Threatened Oil ‘Shortage’

Time and again over the past few decades, energy industry analysts have warned of a looming ‘oil shortage’. Whether the threat is real or not, Xymphora wonders whether such speculation is being used to maintain high oil prices

US Troops Hold Children Hostages in Northern Iraq: Police

US Troops Hold Children Hostages in Northern Iraq: Police

And you thought only “terrorists” took hostages?

Larry Silverstein, WTC 7, and the 9/11 Demolition

The collapse of WTC 7, has major implications for earlier events at the twin towers. Now World Trade Center owner, Larry Silverstein, is on record as freely admitting that WTC 7 was demolished

American Soldier's Holding Iraqi Children as Pawns

American Soldier’s Holding Iraqi Children as Pawns

The war in Iraq turns even uglier as more reports filter through that US troops are now using Iraqi children as bargaining chips

Voice of the White House August 15, 2005

More dynamite disclosures from inside the White House. This week: While the President is taking a break from his imperial duties, Rove and his evil dwarves are doing their very best to trash Cindy Sheehan

‘Black August’ in Iraq

Martin Sieff explains why this August has been such a bad nonth for US forces in Iraq

Too Hot for Harvard

Torture advocate Alan Dershowitz (left), has come up with a new form of censorship to ensure that Norman Finkelstein’s latest book, ‘Beyond Chutzpah’, doesn’t reach the reading public

9/11 On Trial

Conspiracy theory went mainstream recently when one of Britain’s biggest newspapers, the Mail, carried a 3-page article detailing how 9/11 had been staged, how the towers had been demolished and who benefited. We reproduce it in full here

Hollywood Advances “Soft Assault” on Christian Imagery

Mark Green and Wendy Campbell ask: How is it that Jews, Arabs and Christians receive such different treatment under Hollywood’s gaze?

Bush Against the Generals

Is the President Bush facing an officers’ rebellion as he ratchets up the rhetoric against Tehran? Justin Raimondo investigates

Bring ‘em On!

Point by point, Steve Perry examines the Bush Administration’s top 40 lies about war and terrorism

Turkish Intelligence: Al-Qaeda a US Covert Operation

Turkish Intelligence experts agree, and echo what many western observers have long suspected: namely, that Al-Qaeda may be no more than a front set up by Western Intelligence agencies to further their own plans

Harrowing 9/11 attack tapes released

Dramatic and previously unreleased details of the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York have been made public

How Can the US ever Win when Iraqi Children Die Like This?

A Bradley armoured vehicle burst through the gate and wall and drove over Yassin. He died instantly. But the Americans didn’t know what they’d done. He was lying crushed under the vehicle for 17 minutes.

G.I.’s Deployed in Iraq Desert With Lots of American Stuff

While many US soldiers face hardship and death almost daily in Iraq, secure in a constellation of military bases, some US troops are finding deployment there far from gruelling