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Former DEA Agent: Mexican Commandos Killing In South West US To Protect Bush Drug Cartel

The wheels of Wall Street and the machinary of government in the U.S. are oiled with money from the drug cartels. Now a former DEA agent has revealed that Mexican commandos are on a killing spree to protect their N. American overlords in the drug trade

Unleashing the Resistance

President Bush may be in command but a former Pentagon insider reveals that murmers of discontent are growing louder in the corridors of power

Voice of the White House June 17, 2005

I have heard Bush say that there is no way anyone is going to dictate to him and his policy is to remain in Iraq as long as is necessary, writes a White House insider. This leaves his toadies to cover up the growing criticism over this ill-advised venture

Michael Jackson’s Legacy

Xymphora comments on the implications of Michael Jackson’s acquittal

The Queen Of England & Her Travels

It may seem like something out of pantomime, writes Philip N. Ledoux, but behind the pageantry there is greater significance than one might suppose

Voice of the White House June 12, 2005

Bush administration insiders reveal moves are underway to recruit servicmen in Federal and State penitentiarys, with exclusion of murderers and rapists …’unless said individual possesses skills that can be considered essential to the War on Terror’

I killed hundreds, chainsaw border-crosser boasted

Lax border controls and immigration procedures are a hallmark of the NWO. Which may explain why one immigrant claims to have butchered hundreds but US immigration officials insist there was no legal basis to detain him at the border

Web of cold-blooded lies

Lie after lie. Scare upon scare. Fakery after fakery, trumpeted by the tame media that has come to resemble the lickspittle press of the old Soviet Union. Ironically, in the end, horrid Saddam Hussein turned out to be telling the truth all along

Senator Joe Mulls Bullet-Stopper Conscription

As the fighting drags on in Iraq, pushing US Army recruitment figures to a new low, the question of conscription is back in the spotlight again

Military action won’t end insurgency, growing number of U.S. officers believe

Every death in Iraq is adding more fuel to the fires of insurrection. Leading an increasing number of US officers to believe that the only workable solution is not a military one

Iraq: A War For Israel

The official reason for the invasion of Iraq, its supposed illegal development of Weapons of Mass Destruction, has been proved to be utterly baseless. So why was Iraq really invaded?

Ministers were told of need for Gulf war ‘excuse’

Another example of how the Internet is now dictating to the mainstream media what it covers

Memo on 9/11 Plotters Blocked

More evidence of high-level complicity in the events of 9/11 has emerged. New disclosures show that CIA information in 2000 about two Al Qaeda operatives in San Diego was squelched before reaching the FBI

The Return of Fragging

A generation for whom ‘fragging’ is a forgotten term are about to learn what it’s all about, because it’s starting to make a comeback in Iraq

Iraq resistance strong, popular anger growing

Inexorably, inevitably, the skein of lies holding together the occupation of Iraq is coming undone. As even the Pentagon was forced to acknowledge on May 31, when it admitted that resistance fighters have doubled their daily attacks since April

Yes, but Where Are the Saddam Look-Alikes?

Weatern media told us repeatedly not to trust our eyes, when Iraqi TV broadcast pictures of Saddam Hussein, because the Iraqi dictator had numerous doubles. So where, asks Siddarth Varadarajan, are they now?

US Denies French Fighters Emergency Landing Rights

Even at the height of the Cold War relations between America and Russia were never this bad. But last week an incident, virtually unreported in the mainstream media, revealed a new low in French/US relations

Voice of the White House June 9, 2005

More reports from the corridors of power, this week: two insiders report that in the midst of a meeting last week, Bush suddenly stopped talking, his jaw dropped and he stared into nothing, before he resumed speaking … about something completely different

What if Everything You Know about 9/11 is Wrong?”

To their credit and in contrast to the rest of the mainstream media, Hustler magazine talks to David Ray Griffin, a prof. of theology and author of The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11

The world in the palm of their hands: Bilderberg 2005, Part II

Through lies and obfuscations, Bilderbergers are trying to foist onto the unwilling world a totalitarian, one-world government, a single global currency and a syncretic universal religion. Daniel Estulin reports on the recent Bilderberg meeting in Germany