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The American Activist: An interview with Amy Worthington

Radioactive war has been raging since Bush-Cheney started bombing Afghanistan in 2001—and yet most Americans still don’t understand that in THEIR names— the US has waged nuclear war against two non-nuclear countries and its own troops!

Tom Ridge Confesses Terror Alerts Were Bogus

Tom Ridge Confesses Terror Alerts Were Bogus

The former head of Homeland Security has finally admitted what independent researchers concluded long ago

CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver

Denver, Colorado, has been selected as the new base for the Central Intelligence Agency. The reason for the shift however is another story altogether…

Fighters remain in bombed Iraqi border town near Syria, preparing for battle

Fighters remain in bombed Iraqi border town near Syria, preparing for battle

Official spokesmen claim US forces have met little resistance. But in the bomb-blasted streets of Qaim, where the offensive began nearly a week ago, heavily armed fighters roamed the streets, checking vehicles as they entered and left the town

Bilderberg Strikes Again

In the aftermath of the recent Bilderberg meeting in Rottach-Egern, Germany, Pepe Escobar reflects on the secretive cabal and the topics likely to have been discussed at this year’s meeting

Fighting Flares Near Syrian Border

Reports coming in from western Iraq indicate that US forces are meeting stiff resistance in operations near the Syrian borders. With at least 15 US soldiers killed and the possible loss of 2 helicopters

Marines Who Survived Ambush Are Killed, Wounded in Blast

All those dire predictions about Iraq turning into “another Vietnam” may be coming true. Indeed, it may be even worse

Behind the Iraq Civil War

How do the insurgents always know when the Americans will show up? How do they know exactly where to place their improvised explosive devices so they are in place just before the Americans drive by? The answer may be too shocking for many to accept

Iran warns of naval action in Gulf

Iran has said to EU defence ministers that it will deploy missiles and chemical weapons in the Persian Gulf if it feels threatened by the United States. Iranian naval forces are now inducting anti-ship missiles and anti-submarine warfare systems fearing a possible attack. Iranian defence minister Admiral Ali Shamkhan told defence ministers of Britain, France […]

Soaring birth deformities and child cancer rates in Iraq

Depleted Uranium has been likened to the Biblical “wormwood”. Not only does it wreak havoc on enemy armour, it also poisons those who use it and leaves in its wake generations of disease and deformity

Marines surprised by insurgent’s preparation for attack

And that’s not the only surprise encountered by US commanders in what is described as “the biggest operation since Fallujah”

Frauds of Mass Deception

Its no wonder the elite call ordinary mortals ‘Sheeple’. James Stewart presents absolute mathematical proof that UK financial institutions steal around £180,000 from each and every Briton during their lifetime. Worse still, the victims don’t even know it

Stuff of sci-fi nightmares?

Engineers are a step closer to perfecting an army of robots that can reproduce themselves

Israel’s Battle in Fallujah

Israel’s Battle in Fallujah

Reports are surfacing that over 1,000 IDF officers & soldiers, wearing American uniforms, are serving with American units in Iraq

Voice of the White House May 9, 2005

Like Tony Blair, George Bush is a war criminal. But as correspondence between readers and a White House insider reveals, this fact has still not dawned on some

The Pardes

In 1973, my dashing unit of the Red Berets was ferried by a chopper into the yellow East Desert of Egypt and landed some 101 km from Cairo. We were given orders to block the Cairo-Suez road – Israel Shamir reflects on what it means to be Jewish

Israel, Iran, Mossad and a Nuclear False Flag Attack

Stories about the nuclear threat posed by Iran are being used to condition public opinion prior to a false flag nuclear strike being launched against America, writes R. Leland Lehrman. Thereby opening the way for a full US nuclear reprisal on Iran

Hostages on a Hijacked Planet

THREE THINGS WE CAN DO: As I predicted last week, the D.C. sniper attack ended after 13 shootings. Chief Moose read the trigger words (“like a duck in the noose”) and the mind controlled Illuminati agent allowed himself to be caught. I admit I’m just guessing here. But I know that the Illuminati brainwashes children […]

The Mind Manipulators

All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those towards whom it is directed will understand it. Therefore, the intellectual level of the propaganda must be lower the larger the number of people who are to be influenced by it. – Adolf Hitler (1) Most […]

Hypotism Yikes…!!!

I found the following two articles in an old volume titled “Amazing Facts in a Marvellous World”, published by The University of Knowledge Wonder Books (1938). I was astounded by the information they so casually impart. The main focus is hypnotism and in light of the strange events of the day where children murder children […]