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The Guilty Lamb

The Guilty Lamb

The Boston Globe recently published an article, “Why Islam is direspected” by Jeff Jacoby. In answer Israel Shamir writes: ‘I doubt the US interrogators guilty of offending the Muslims will land in jail next to Ernst Zundel who offended the Jews’

How Many More Lies Will the Media Tell Before We Stop Them?

This is why so many good people support this criminal administration. They are good people with bad information! This is not a matter of bias in the media; it is a matter of deception

The Grand Illusion: A Nation Willingly Deceived

The mainstream media has effectively tuned out the din of torture, wounding, death and destruction flowing from Iraq. Scores of Iraqis are dying daily but unless some US troops are also killed, their deaths barely register in the mainstream media

Are Wars Orchestrated?

Muslims are rioting in Afghanistan today because US interrogators at Guantanamo Bay flushed copies of the Koran down the toilet. How do the rioters know this? It was reported in Newsweek, a publication owned by the family of Eugene Meyer, a past Director of the War Finance Board (WW1), Governor of the Federal Reserve and […]

Israeli Advisors – Too Close For Comfort

From the shooting of journalists and children by snipers to checkpoints and Abu Ghraib, which is an exact duplicate of the infamous Israeli-operated Khiam Prison in southern Lebanon, US forces in Iraq seem to learnt much from the Israelis

I Am Blogger, Hear Me Roar!

Finally, the mainstream media has acknowledged what has become increasingly evident. No longer the stomping ground of a few heavyweight media corporations, the world of mass communications is now open to everyone via the Internet

A spring morning in the autumn of America

The planet’s population has quadrupled in the 20th century, in response, the global ruling elite has concluded if they are to continue living in the luxury of their Wackenhut-guarded enclaves, the numbers need to be radically reduced

Patriarch denounces U.S. evangelicals in Iraq

The head of Iraq’s largest Christian community denounced American missionaries in Iraq, deriding their evangelical houses in Baghdad as “boutiques”

Galloway’s Smack-Down

US senators, who invited British Member of Parliament George Galloway to answer charges that he had accepted money from Saddam Hussein, must regret inviting him over. Live on US TV he delivered a withering retort to their charges

“Combat terrorism” by causing it

Who exactly is behind the current wave of bombings across Iraq? Are the Iraqi resistance behind each and every bomb blast? Or are US Black Ops also involved?

Respected Scholarly Journal Exposes 911

Slowly and despite the efforts of the mainstream media, the truth about the events of 911 is emerging

Deadly firefight in a desert town shocks marines

Tony Allen-Mills & Ali Rifat report on the bloody carnage that US forces have encountered in their latest offensive in western Iraq

Danger: Mind Controllers At Work!

Media mind control techniques have now reached a new standard of excellence in the west. Out go old-fashioned baseball bats and heavy drugs, replaced by ‘low light images’, and a new ‘color coded language’ fired straight down your unsuspecting optic nerve

Bush Wants To Sell Hawaii!

Forget about George W. Bush being a true patriot ready to defend American soil. If the price is right he’ll sell the stuff! The Weekly World News reports that Bush is seriously considering selling the Aloha state to Japan to help fund the ‘War on Terror’

CBC 911 Video Secrets Revealed

Recently discovered CBC video footage reveals more glaring discrepancies between the official version and what really happened at the World Trade Center on 9/11

Pakistan gives two more bases to US

With Pakistan allowing America the use of 2 more military bases, making a total of 5 in Pakistan plus 2 more in Afghanistan, the US will be in position to launch strikes deep into Iran

Cisco Wheeler Interview

Mind control and the Illuminati are nothing more than the “heartbeat of Satan himself”, says Cisco Wheeler, a former controller and herself a victim of mind-control. The ultimate aim being to “bring down God’s people and the world as a whole”

American Media…

Writing from Baghdad, Riverbend has a suggestion for a TV ‘reality show’ featuring 15 Bush supporters in a house in Fallujah. We could watch them cope with the water problems, the lack of electricity, the raids, the bombings, and- oh yeah- the ‘insurgents

Did Israel Assassinate Brad Docette?

Did the veteran FBI investigator – whose work included the 1993 WTC bomb, the 1999 Egyptair bomb, and 9/11 – uncover something he shouldn’t have?

Voice of the White House May 11, 2005

In his latest despatch from the corridors of power, a White House insider writes that the powers that be grow increasingly concerned over the Internet. And now they have their own plans to counter its influence