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The Rockefeller Files Part 7 – The Mediacracy

With money the Rockefellers gained control of the media. With the media the family gained control over public opinion. With control over public opinion they gained control of politics. And with control of politics, they are taking control of the nation

Video shows US captive in Iraq

An American citizen who was taken captive in Iraq on Sunday has pleaded for his life in a video broadcast on Aljazeera.

Israelis were 9-11 short sale stock buyers, betting on WTC terror strikes, story killed…

Short selling of stocks involves making big profits by passing shares to a friendly third party, then buying them back when the price falls. If this precedes a traumatic event, it is an indication of foreknowledge. And someone made a lot of money from 911

US ‘smuggles wounded troops home’ under cover of darkness

Just as the Bush administration has banned the media from taking photographs of the coffins of American troops killed in Iraq as they arrive in the US, campaigners say it is now trying to cover up the number of wounded

Secret OSS (Forerunner of the CIA) Plans to Trigger Earthquakes & Tsunamis in Japan

In 1945 the forerunner of the CIA planned to bring Japan under control using artificially triggered earthquakes. Since then the CIA has had sixty years to get its numbers right – just in time for December 26, 2004, when more than 300,000 were killed

Sharon and Bush to Meet to Plan Iran Attack

Asked why Iran would want nuclear weapons, Sen. Richard Lugar, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee replied: “Well, you know Israel has…”, at which point he stopped. Abruptly. Recovering, he continued, “is alleged to have a nuclear capability”

Israel Prepared for Air-Strike on Iran

Asked if the Israeli air force would considering striking Iran in view of its supposed development of nuclear weapons, Israel Air Force Commander-in-Chief Major General Eliezer Shakedi replied that Israel “must be prepared for everything”

Suicide car bombs hit US military position in Iraq

A spokeswoman for the US marines has confirmed that early monday a US military position near the Syrian border was hit by three suicide car bombs

Media Disinfo as Afghan Chopper Crash Kills 18

Fintan Dunne examines how the mainstream media is reporting events from Afghanistan and becoming ever more adept at minimising actual casualties

Vanunu faces return to jail

If hardliners in Israel’s defence ministry have their way, Mordechai Vanunu could return to jail after speaking to foreign media

Voice of the White House April 7, 2005

More info from a White House insider: this week, as world leaders return from attending the pope’s funeral, intriguing details are revealed of a rift between the Catholic Church, world leaders and the World Jewish Congress

Un-Embed the Media

In Iraq, write Amy Goodman and David Goodman: the Pentagon deployed a weapon more powerful than any bomb: the U.S. media

Jews and the Empire

On Wednesday 23 February Israel Shamir spoke in a committee room in Britain’s House of Lords, on the role of Jews in the service of empire. Not the old British Empire but the new dominion, whose capital has shifted from London to Washington and New York

Israeli forces kill three Palestinian boys

On the eve of a planned demonstration by militant Jewish settlers in Jerusalem, Israeli troops shoot and kill three young Palestinian boys playing football

Iraqis rally for US exit

On the second anniversary of the fall of Baghdad, tens of thousands of Iraqis responded to a call by Shi’ite cleric Moqtada Sadr and gathered in the city to demand a US withdrawal from Iraq

Prophecy on Pope Fulfilled by Eclipses?

The death of Pope John Paul II throws into sharp relief the prophecies of an Irish saint nearly a thousand years ago

30,000 U.S. military troops not citizens

Tucked away on the inside pages and barely remarked upon by the mainstream media, UPI reports that the US military is now employing the services of outsiders to fight its military campaigns

In the Belly of the Beast

In the Belly of the Beast

Pop culture: Spiritual Trash or Springboard to Enlightenment?

Iraqi Mujahideen Claim To Have Killed CIA Shadow Director in Iraq

The Iraqi resistance claims to have killed the CIA’s shadow manager in Iraq, Dale C Stoffel, and we can confirm that Stoffel was indeed killed in Iraq recently but leave you to decide from the accompanying video whether he was in fact a CIA operative

The Big Hollywood Lie

It’s an open secret that few will acknowledge for fear of being accused of “anti-Semitic”