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America by the numbers

In the next century, wrote Christian mystic Rudolph Steiner, Russia would emerge as the foremost power on earth. America declining to the status of a 2nd class nation, a process which may have already begun as these sobering facts seem to indicate

Italy to withdraw troops from Iraq

Italy will start to withdraw its troops from Iraq this September, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has said

What the Lebanese fear most is not Syria’s army but a power vacuum

Robert Fisk watches as Syrian troops prepare to pull out from the Bakaa Valley, where 29 years ago they had first entered Lebanon

Revealed: Israel plans strike on Iranian nuclear plant

Raising the stakes considerably, it is reported today that Israeli forces are actively preparing for a strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities

A Breeding Ground for Tyrants

When asked about the current situation in Iraq, a US soldier serving there responded: “Well, this morning our unit went out and shot up a bunch of civilians and our commander is writing it up as a great military victory.”

The BBC: Premier Propagandist for the Imperium

William Bowles finds the BBC passing off propaganda as ‘news’ as the corporation presents, without question or comment, what is essentially CIA disinformation on Musab al-Zarqawi

BBC governor under fire for Iraq contracts

BBC governor under fire for Iraq contracts

The BBC governor who played a key role in how the war – and David Kelly’s murder – was covered, stands to make a killing from a firm with lucrative military contracts in Iraq

BBC Machinations

Far from being a paragon of journalistic integrity, the BBC has a history of suspending its impartiality whenever the establishment is threatened

The BBC and Iraq: Myth and Reality

Far from being a bastion of journalistic integrity, the BBC has a long history of conveniently forgetting basic journalistic honesty whenever the established order is threatened

Deciphering Dov Zakheim

He been called the “mastermind behind 911” and research reveals that he is a blood relative of none other than Karl Marx. More intriguing background on the mysterious Rabbi Dov Zakheim

Reply to Popular Mechanics re 9/11

Popular Mechanics magazine recently published an article “Debunking 911 Lies” by Benjamin Chertoff, cousin of the new head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. As might be expected, it was pure disinformation as this rebuttal illustrates, point by point

Voice of the White House March 9, 2005

More salacious gossip from a White House insider. This week: the fallout from the Gannon/Guckert affair continues

International group of doctors blast official toll of Iraqi civil dead

An independent study by a group of public-health physicians has found that civilian casualties in Iraq have been seriously underestimated. With the actual civilian death toll up to October 2004, being close to one hundred thousand

The Underworld Empire

According to a retired high ranking naval officer, the western US sits on a labyrinth of subterranian caverns which US submarines had explored. The San Andreas fault was in fact only part of this cavernous network which is in the process of collapse

Israeli Impersonators Key to Terror Fight

Israeli Impersonators Key to Terror Fight

According to Lt. Col. Wiener, a crucial weapon in the Israeli army’s fight against terror are IDF units that look, dress and behave like terrorists. So how do we know who are the real terrorists in Israel, asks Xymphora, and who are the fakes?

Bush Ordered Attack on Sgrena and Calipari

Nicola Calipari was already inside Baghdad Airport’s perimeter when he received an incoming call on his cell phone. “Yes?” He said and instantly recognised the trap. As he threw himself across Giuliana Sgrena, the kill team from Langley opened fire

The BBC does a ‘Photoshop’ job on the Sgrena shooting

US occupation forces have gone out of their way to frustrate investigative journalism in Iraq. In some cases resorting to what appears to be the outright murder of journalists who ask too many questions – with the BBC colluding in the subsequent cover-up

This trial by television has failed David Kelly once again

A docu-drama about the life and death of Dr David Kelly will be broadcast on Channel Four this week. Andrew Gilligan who knew the man and has seen the docu-drama gives his opinion

The Sgrena Hit: How They Did It, and Why

By combining photo evidence and eyewitness accounts, the incident in which Sgrena Guiliani was wounded and Nicola Calipari killed emerges as a carefully staged ambush

Israel says no wrongdoing in journalist killing

Israeli soldiers who shot dead a British cameraman waving a white flag and wearing journalist insignia, have been cleared of any misconduct by an Israeli inquiry