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Pentagon prepares to build £70bn robot army

It was once the stuff of science fiction but it’s fast becoming a reality. The Pentagon has just awarded a contract to build robots for the battlefield, the largest ever military contract in American history

Sunday in Gondor

While the world was treated to another sham performance of peace process in Palestine, and just before the next stage of Middle East war, I paid a visit to the Ethiopians, writes Israel Shamir

Rafiq Hariri: Cui Bono?

I can’t think of another example of a case where the party so generally accused of the crime was more harmed by the results of the crime. Are we supposed to believe that the Syrians are insane and/or stupid? Do they want to invite an US-Israeli attack?

US engineers provocation following assassination in Lebanon

According to an anonymous senoir State Department official: “We’re going to turn up the heat on Syria, that’s for sure…. Syria has, by negligence or design, allowed Lebanon to become destabilized.”

The Crown

Not the British monarchy but an 800 year-old corporation, founded in the City of London, with the power to create and control ‘central banks’ across the globe. Tom Valentine outlines the background on one of the key components in the New World Order

Zionists Nuke Downtown Beruit – Again!

In a desperate attempt to slow down their forthcoming defeat in Palestine, Jewish Special Forces micro-nuke former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, then instruct western media outlets to falsely blame the atrocity on Syria

Syria and Iran Say Will Build ‘Common Front’

Syria and Iran, both currently at odds with the United States, have pledged to build a “common front” against any threats and challenges they may face

Israel and/or America Implicated in Killing of Rafik Harriri

“This is the work of an intelligence service, not a small group,” said Rime Allaf, Middle East analyst at London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs

Is The New World Order Jewish?

A hybred elite of Jewish financial dynasties combined with European aristocracy has given birth to the central banking system. With this, writes Henry Makow Ph.D., a monster has been created which threatens to devour the planet and its inhabitants

Voice of the White House October 18, 2004

More dynamite disclosures from a White House insider. This week: how a former White House aide had been caught running a male prostitution ring and how the CIA was behind the Beslan school massacre

US recalls Syria envoy

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has ordered US Ambassador Margaret Scobey home from Syria amid rising tensions over the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri in Beirut, a US official said

Rafik Hariri assassinated in Beirut bomb blast

I saw the blast wave coming down the Corniche. My home is only a few hundred metres from the detonation, writes Robert Fisk in Beirut

The Rockefeller Files Part 2

Part two of Gary Allen’s investigation into what is arguably the USA’s first family, the preeminent American Oligarchs, the Rockefellers

United Airlines Flight 93 Was Shot Down

In an unguarded moment the Secretary of Defense let slip what many have long suspected. Addressing US troops in Iraq he unwittingly revealed what really happened to United Airlines Flight 93. See the transcript here

Royal Raymond Rife and the Suppressed Cure for Cancer?

Products based on Rife’s technology are available from: New Earth, Box 3489, Ashland, OR 97520, U.S.A. TESTIMONY After being told my cancer had spread, I refused chemotherapy and went over to Roturua, New Zealand, for six week of treatment on the Rife machine…When I returned home, I had blood tests, ultra-sound and a colonoscopy and […]

Voice of the White House February 12, 2005

They say you get the leaders you deserve and this week our White House insider reveals the contempt with which the Bush administration view US voters. With Karl Rove refering to them as “American boobery” and the “sucker brigades”

Defaming the Iraqi Resistance is the Name of the Game

An Italian journalist trying to expose “abuses and violence from the occupation forces” has been kidnapped, allegedly by the Iraqi resistance. Like Margaret Hassan, writes Kurt Nimmo, she was an unlikely choice being a thorn in the side of US occupation

‘Manufactured’ Disease

The pharmaceutical companies are busy poisoning us, and making massive profits in the process. Xymphora looks at a recent case and how the power of the pharmaceutical giants extends over media coverage and government legislation

An Independent Investigation of 911

The official story is that the fires in the World Trade Center burned so hot that they caused steel supports to melt and buckle, thus triggering a total collapse of the towers. Yet the chief hijacker’s passport is found virtually unscathed in the debris

Israeli soldiers murder boy in Hebron

Another day and yet another Palestinian killed by Israeli troops. The latest victim a 13-year-old Palestinian boy who, claim the Israelis, tried to attack them with a sharp object. However, eyewitnesses give a different account