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Deputy of Baghdad police assassinated in car with his son

With Iraq’s elections looming ever closer, Robert Fisk reports that Iraq has become a Vietnam-style world in which statistics are increasingly more important than reality. And where “accidents” often turn out to be the work of insurgents

Secret Service To Prohibit Cross Displays At Bush Inauguration

Maybe it’s a measure of presidential paranoia, but along with crosses other items prohibited at the Inaugural Parade include folding chairs, bicycles, puppets and paper mache!!!

The True Face of Jesus

The True Face of Jesus

Like the Shroud of Turin, many believe it is a representation of Christ. Thing is: detailed examination reveals that the two faces are one and the same, one with its wounds open, the other with its wounds healed and closed

Iraq: The Devastation

Dahr Jamail on a ‘liberated’ Iraq: which means an Iraq ‘liberated’ from human rights and a functioning infrastructure. And that entails erratic electric power, many-mile long gas lines and raw sewage in the streets

Scalar War in Indonesia?

Scalar War in Indonesia?

Without firing a shot the US has placed a formidable military force in the midst of a sizable Muslim population, ostensibly to provide humanitarian relief, but also conveniently located close to rich oil and gas reserves

Voice of the White House January 5, 2005

The latest news brief from a White House insider including this week, the most recent casualty estimates from Iraq

The Rewards of Tsunami

It’s not all death and destruction. Xymphora spells out the benefits brought by the Asian Tsunami and who exactly will profit.

Voice of the White House December 27, 2004

The latest from a White House insider. This week: the psychology boys are now busy inventing weird conspiracy theories. The purpose being to distract and confuse the broad mass of the population: thus allowing real conspiracies to be perpatrated

America’s Death Squads

6 months in jail for a wanton murder. That’s fair, now isn’t it? It is if the victim is Iraqi, and the murderers are US soldiers – that’s what a military court recently decided, and it’s a verdict that tells us all we need to know about the “liberation”

Ukrainians, Iraqis killed in clashes

Eight Ukrainian soldier and one Kazakh were reported killed in an explosion south of Baghdad. While elsewhere US troops opened fire on Iraqi police, killing two after their convoy was targeted by a roadside bomb

Report: More British Troops for Iraq

Iraq is turning into the military quagmire that many predicted at the start of the Anglo-American invasion. As Washington announced a deployment of a further 12,000 US troops, Britain is expected to follow

Suddenly, there is debate in Beirut: how can Syria keep Lebanon while condemning Israel?

To outsiders Lebanese politics may appear Byzantine, even boring, but it can be deadly to the participants

British Jews unfazed by poll portraying Israel as unsafe, ugly

Despite claiming to be a democracy, a recent survey found that Britons considered Israel one of the world’s “least democratic countries,” beaten only by China, Russia and Dubai

Do the Owls Want to Shut Down Richard C. Hoagland?

Richard Hoagland is no stranger to the world of intelligence. “When your dealing with spooksville,” he says, “you have to be a little James Bond”. So what are we to make of his claims about the ‘face’ on the Cydonia region of Mars?

Elephants Saved Tourists From Tsunami

The elephants started trumpeting – in a way that could only be described as ‘crying’ – at dawn. Then, about an hour before the tidal waves struck they began running for the hills

Extracts from Iraqi Resistance Report

American troops clashed with Iraqi policemen Monday after a US soldier tried to forcibly unveil a young Iraqi girl. While elsewhere the Iraqi resistance are now using, not car bombs, but pushcart bombs

The Illuminati Builds Tower of Infamy

To capture and manipulate the souls of men, satanic agents have bought and sold Christian pretenders – religious puppets – whom they have installed as leaders of ministries, mega-churches, seminaries, Bible colleges and other religious institutions

Human Hand behind earthquake and Tsunami? It is time for Indian Navy to investigate!

Human Hand behind earthquake and Tsunami? It is time for Indian Navy to investigate!

Speculation is mounting in the Indian press, as to what actually caused the recent Tsunami and earthquakes in Asia

‘Anti-Semitism’ Used by Zionists?

Despite the fact that Russian Jews are welcomed in Israel with free housing, paid for by American dollars on Palestinian land, many now prefer to live in Germany, the land of the Holocaust. Could it be that they know where the real anti-Semites are?

Voice of the White House January 2, 2005

This week the White House insider reports that since the Presidential inauguration cannot match a British coronation, Bush will do the next best thing and strut his stuff like a ghetto coke dealer