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First-hand Accounts of Underground Explosions In The North Tower

From eyewitnesses who saw it happen, more evidence emerges the World Trade Center collapse was in fact the result of a controlled demolition

The collapse of the WTC

There was no way that the steel components would have melted in the fires at the World Trade Center. So wrote Kevin Ryan of Underwriters Laboatories, who actually tested and underwrote the steel used in the WTC. Days after writing that he was fired

911 Holy Grail Uncovered!

The end game has finally come for proving that the Twin Towers were demolished. 2 demolition charges on the north side of the World Trade Center South Tower exploded during the 2nd plane crash, and it was all caught on tape!

The Controlled Collapse of WTC7

It collapsed, we are told, because NY’s mayor stored thousands of gallons of diesel fuel in the office building. Ignited, the blazing fuel weakened load bearing supports and led to the building’s collapse but film shows something else might have happened

CBS News Channel Eyewitness Describes ‘Secondary Explosions’ in the WTC

Listen as helicopter borne reporters describe seeing ‘secondary explosions’ in the WTC, as they happen

Evidence of Explosives in the Twin Tower Collapse

More photographic evidence that the World Trade Center was demolished with the use of explosive charges

Visual Evidence of a Controlled Demolition

Photographic and video footage, ignored by the mainstream media, that provides a convincing case for bombs having been used to demolish the WTC. See left under Demolition, bottom page: Squibs in 911 footage

Bombs inside “World Trade Center” and the “Pentagon”.

Henrik Melvang presents convincing evidence that bombs, not hijacked aircraft, were resposible for the demolition of the WTC towers and Pentagon

Why I Refused 2nd Deployment to Iraq by Sgt. Kevin Bendermen

A decorated combat veteran explains in his own words why he risked court martial and refused to serve another tour of duty

The Arafatization of Abbas

Abbas had not even officially assumed his post before Sharon annulled his power to negotiate. Thereby speeding the passage toward a Greater Israel and an all consuming global war

How a flying carpet took me back in time – until I landed in Baghdad

In the wake of the 1983 Beirut bombing that cost the lives of 241 US Marines, Reagan decided to ‘redeploy’ them. A move that ranked alongside other great victories: like Napoleon’s redeployment from Moscow and the British redeployment from Dunkirk

U.S. Army Sergeant Defies Orders , Refuses Re-Deployment To Iraq

Meanwhile two soldiers in the same unit attempt suicide and 17 go Absent Without Leave to avoid redeployment as the one of the US Army’s most decorated combat veterans lent his support

Voice of the White House January 12, 2005

More dynamite disclosures from a White House insider. This week the secret which holds the Bush administration transfixed with fear: the real casualty figures from Iraq which, if revealed, could bring to lynch mobs to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

‘They put a hood on me, tied my hands and took me to Camp Fallujah’

Robert Fisk talks to a one time Iraqi general, formerly held at Abu Ghraib, who provides stunning revelations. Including, that for a while the Iraqi resistance had surrounded the prison, forcing US forces to resupply guards and inmates via air drops

Scheer on al-Qaeda: A Day Late and a Few Billion Dollars Short

Now that al-Qaeda has served its purpose – and helped Bush win his second term – it is acceptable for the corporate media to ask the obvious: is al-Qaeda, a “Boogeyman”? Of course it is Sherlock

The giant wakes

Barely acknowledged by the mainstream media, reports are coming in that indicate that as the Chinese economic boom continues, the poor are demanding their share of the bounty, often violently

Opposing Bush: A Form of Mental Illness

Opposing Bush: A Form of Mental Illness

Senator Bill Frist plans to file a bill that would define ‘political paranoia’ as a mental disorder, paving the way for individuals diagnosed as such to recieve treatment. The Senator’s spokesmen say the bill has a good chance of being passed

Why Hot, WASPy Chicks Love Jews – the real reason

Edgar J. Steele reviews a recent Los Angeles Times article by columnist Joel Stein entitled . . . Why Hot, WASPY Chicks Love Jews

Voice of the White House January 10, 2005

‘I have never seen someone as out of touch with reality as this man’, writes an anonymous White House insider of George Bush, ‘and it frankly is beginning to scare the hell out of many of us professionals’

CSIS destroyed Charkaoui notes, court told

The case against an al-Qa’ida suspect makes a mockery of Canadian justice. Evidence is withheld from his defence because it’s ‘secret’, yet polygraph tests have cleared him and Canadian security now admits to having destroyed transcripts of interviews