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‘Christmas is taboo in America, but now people are fighting back’

The ‘C’ word has become taboo. Across America various interest groups are trying to take the Christ out of Christmas and turn a religious holiday into a politically correct sales event

Fighting Continues in Fallujah

Fighting Continues in Fallujah

Claims by US military spokesmen to have captured Fallujah have proved as hollow as President Bush’s earlier announcement that “major hostilities” were over in Iraq

We are losing the Iraq War militarily: Part Three

We are losing the Iraq War militarily: Part Three

Iraq is not another Vietnam but is potentially much worse. Kevin Thomson continues his penetrating analysis into the many reasons why the US military is facing possible defeat in Iraq

December 27 … Expect “something big” … This is it, folks

More warnings from a purported ‘Intelligence insider’ – We cannot verify or dismiss these reports but leave the reader to decide. However, if they are authentic, publicity may actually prevent the events outlined from happening. You decide

The Meiring Mystery

Over 2 years ago, much to the annoyance of officials in the Philippines, he was spirited out of a hospital there by US FBI agents, after a bomb blast went wrong and left him badly injured. Last week however he was spotted again in the USA

Voice of the White House December 22, 2004

More disclosures from a White House insider

Auschwitz tale is not all that it seems

A Holocaust memoir may be the latest example of a local literary tradition, writes Lisa Pryor. WHEN an author invents a persona and fakes a memoir, it is usually easy to find a motivation: fame, riches, critical acclaim or a desire to hoodwink the literary establishment. It is harder to find a rational explanation behind […]

Questions Over Kelly

Evidence indicates it was highly improbable that Dr Kelly died of haemorrhage from a transected ulnar artery, say a group of leading medical specialists. Moreover, there is evidence that his body was moved. Who moved, they ask, and why?

Voice of the White House December 20, 2004

The axe is being sharpened for heads in the White House, writes an insider. But they wont roll just yet because Rumsfeld might start talking and if that happened Bush could end up facing War Crimes charges

The Library

A German intelligence insider reveals that not all serving personnel are adherents of a N.W.O. In different countries and agencies, there is a loose knit alliance of those opposed to it known as ‘The Library’

Where Are the Airport Videos?

All major airports have them installed, so why won’t the FBI release video clips of the alleged 911 hijackers? Could it be because that would expose the fact that the 911 hijackers are not who the authorities claim?

Pimps and Whores

It’s funny how empires at crucial junctures in their histories sometimes find themselves with inspired leaders, and sometimes find themselves with chimps, and the United States has lucked out with a chimp. Xymphora on the emergence of a ‘greater Israel’

Gary Webb Drew Blood

The journalist who exposed the CIA drug trade has supposedly committed ‘suicide’. However evidence indicates he was murdered, after he spoke of death threats, and ‘Government people’ around his home

We are losing the Iraq War militarily: Part Two

Am I a military expert, you may ask? No, I am not. But I’m not a chef either, and I know a bad meal when I eat one. This is my own analysis of military situation in Iraq

The Voice of the White House December 17, 2004

A White House insider reports that the various security agencies are all in agreement that the US faces an impending major terror atrocity. It can however be avoided they say, but whether Bush will listen to their advice is another matter entirely

Israel recognizes homosexual couples

It might a dream for social engineers but Orthodox Rabbi’s say the ‘Jewish state risks becoming next Sodom and Gomorrah’

General: Iraqi Insurgents Directed From Syria

Iraqi insurgents are a “tough, aggressive enemy” and their overall command, said Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the U.S. commander in Iraq is based in … Syria

The Yushchenko ‘Poison Plot’ Fraud

Claims that Victor Yushchenko was poisoned have been seized upon by the Western news media. But was he really? And does the fact that he was George Soros’s favoured candidate in Ukraine’s elections have anything to do with it?

Iraq – coming to a screen near you

It was only a matter of time. Now Hollywood is cashing in with Universal Studios announcing it will be making a new film, The Battle for Fallujah

Former Professor Sentenced To State Prison

A former professor, who spray-painted her car with racist and anti-Semitic slurs and then reported a hate crime, has been convicted and sentenced