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Aljazeera News Station Targeted

Aljazeera News Station Targeted

Fox News confirms it, truth is the first casualty of war.

Accomplices in the assault on Fallujah

Retired Marine Col. Gary Anderson told the Wall Street Journal, “This is primarily a political battle. Fallujah has little to no military significance. But every day the insurgents hold that city is a political and psychological victory for them.”

All Bounds Have Just Been Passed

In the battle for Falluja any pretence of civilisation has gone

Photographer’s Comments

White Phospherus is an incendiary which burns anywhere, even underwater. The photographer comments: “Have to be really quick, filing photos now under fire, and been in what is definitely the worst battle of my entire life. Nine guys of 40 were injured on a gauntlet we had to run. This is really hard, and been […]

Two US Helicopters Downed

Two US Marine helicopters were shot down near Fallujah Thursday

Fighting continues in besieged Falluja

Fierce fighting continues in the Iraqi city of Falluja in an all out push to recapture the rebel stronhold

No Prior Knowledge?

Was the Federal Reserve Bank completely emptied of gold immediately prior to the World Trade Center attack on 9/11?

The Anthrax Murders: The Israeli Connection

“Who had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to have brought about these attacks?” is a basic question that needs to be asked

Why Are Families Under Attack?

Most people believe the best thing for children is to be raised by their real mother and father in a strong and loving family. Big Capital attacks people for this, and calls them bigots, because it likes the direction in which homosexuality moves society

Dry Thy Tears

With Johm Kerry’s defeat in the presidential election, writes Israel Shamir, a new political sensibility is emerging

US Helicopter Shot Down Over Falluja

As battle rages across Falluja, reports are coming in that Iraqi insurgents have shot down a US helicopter over the city

Iraqi briefed on Falluja plans missing

US commanders are concerned that a company commander from the Iraqi security forces, who had been fully briefed on the expected assault on Fallujah, has gone missing and could pass on attack plans to the Iraqi resistance

Trade Towers Rescue Hero Files 9-11 RICO Suit

William Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican-born maintenance worker at the World Trade Center, who rescued 15 people on 9/11 2001, has filed a lawsuit against Bush and company charging them with complicity in the fateful events of 9/11

Monster’s Deadly Warning to ‘Red’ States

George Bush has won the presidential election but now comes the payback. Analysts who have studied the latest Bin Laden tape claim that it contains a warning: threatening to attack those States which support Bush and sparing those that don’t

US to Sweep Fallujah, Ramadi Very Soon: Iraqis

With John Kerry having conceded defeat in the US elections, an all out US assault on resistance strongholds in Fallujah and Ramadi is now imminent

Fallujah militants say U.S. attack to be bloody

As residents flee in anticipation of a US led assault on Fallujah, foreign fighters are digging in alongside the Iraqi resistance

Marines Prepare For Casualties

As the fight to recapture Fallujah looms, the anticipated casualties are expected to reach levels not seen since Vietnam

The Henoch Prophecies from the Billy Meier Contacts

So many of the predictions given to Swiss contactee Billy Meier have come true, that we’d be wise to heed warnings that terrible things will befall humanity if we continue along our present path. And what has been foretold is ominous in the extreme

Vote Fraud 2004 Round Up

Fraud, stolen or rigged votes, call it what you will; increasingly it looks as if the 2004 US presidential election was won through dishonest means

Holocaust man’s claims queried

Another Holocaust memoir has been revealed as a fake and this time its author is not even Jewish