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The Voice of the White House October 4, 2004

More dynamite disclosures from a White House insider. This week it’s revealed that Bush was so angry after the last Presidential debate with Kerry, he had to be medicated

Freedom to Fascism… A Bumpy Ride

“There’s no end to the rascality of these flinty-hearted bastards…”~~Sen John Dingle (D.Mich) speaking of Republicans, quoted on CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, Nov. 11, 2003 What is the matter with the Republican Party? As one born within a tiny, tree-shaded Republican enclave in Missouri, raised by compassionate family-values-oriented Christian conservatives, and whose entire family remains […]

Police Seize Indymedia Servers

‘More Intimidation Than Crime-Busting’ Says IFJ As Police Target Independent Media Network

Audio of Bush being prompted during speech

Listen to George W Bush speak at a D-Day commemoration. It’s clearly audible that he is being prompted with words by someone. Bush then mouths the fed lines to the audience, who are unaware of this process

Email from Baghdad

A Wall Street Journal reporters email from Baghdad, reveals another side of the disaster unfolding in Iraq

New Forrestal Document Exposes Cover-up

In 1949 James V. Forrestal was relieved of his position as Secretary of Defense and committed to Bethesda Naval Hospital suffering from ‘exhaustion’. Seven weeks later, he plunged to his death from the 16th floor. Was he murdered and if so why?

A Nobel Goof

Intelligence is not everything. Sometimes it needs to be balanced with a little common sense. As witness the case of James Watson, the Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of DNA

Impure Blood

Texe Marrs writes that new scientific discoveries demolish the theory of Jewish supremacy

An Economy Based on Usury

E. Walter Carr looks at the origins of Britain’s iniquitous financial system, as embodied by the Bank of England, forerunner to the modern US Federal Reserve

British captive in Iraq reported killed

Reuters quoting sources in Falluja has said that British hostage Ken Bigley was beheaded near Baghdad on Thursday afternoon

Is Bush Wired?

Speculation is mounting that when President George Bush is interviewed on national TV or at press briefings, he gets assistance in answering quesions through an earpiece

Israeli commandos and pilots conducting special operations in Iraq: sources

After the initial occupation of Iraq, reports surfaced about the activities of Israeli companies and organizations in the country. Now as the US sinks deeper into the Iraqi quagmire, reports are coming in of increasing Israeli military involvment in Iraq

Weapons of Mass Deception

Xymphora looks at the role of the ‘free press’, in particular The New York Times, in creating the broad public perception necessary for the invasion of Iraq

Palestinian Civilians in Israel’s Sights?

Palestinian officials and witnesses have dismissed Israel’s assertion that its forces are not deliberately targeting civilians in ongoing army operations in the northern Gaza Strip

MP questions Iraqi woman’s speech

British MP, Tam Dalyell is asking questions about the alleged Iraqi woman who addressed the Labout Party conference and begged Britain not to withdraw from the country

Subverting the Disney Legacy

How Michael Eisner transformed Disney’s magic kingdom from the home of family entertainment into a media empire that now promotes violent rap and cruel anti-Arab caricatures

The Lone Fighter and the Battle for Palestine

Israel Shamir reflects on the arrest of a Palestinian, who single-handed, took on an entire Israeli check point

Iraqis Blame U.S. for Massacre of Children

Families of the 35 Iraqi children killed in a series of bombings in Baghdad recently are accusing US forces of being responsible, saying sweets were deliberately handed out to attract children with the intention of using them as human shields

How America Created It’s Own Money

Benjamin Franklin tells what made New England prosperous

Woody Norris has a way of getting inside your head ...

Woody Norris has a way of getting inside your head …

Is this the device that enabled Karl Rove and others to answer questions for Bush during the recent Presidential debate?