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Soldiers at Camp Eagle weary of Baghdad slum, Iraqis, mission

But the constant combat and bleak camp conditions have pumped up the pride of many. They’ve seen the worst, and they have the swagger to show for it.

Attacking, Eyes Shut Tight

With tensions rising with Iran, it’s possible that the US may lose its entire army in Iraq, and all of its fleet in the Gulf. George Dunphy explains how

Platoon defies orders in Iraq

A 17-man US Army Reserve platoon in Iraq, is being held under arrest for refusing what they considered was a “suicide mission”

US Troop Levels in Iraq Drop

According to Donald Rumsfeld, US service personnel in Iraq have dropped from 150,000 to around 137,000. In fact Rumsfeld is almost boasting of the fall but his boast reveals a cynical contempt for the sacrifice of US service personnel

Israel’s Christians spitting mad

A brawl erupted between a Christian archbishop and a Jewish yeshiva student in Jerusalem’s Old City recently, over the revival off an ancient Jewish custom

The Speech They Wouldn’t Let Me Finish

Tom DeWeese was invited to speak to some financial officers from top companies. He spoke at length about issues that affect us all but before he could finish he was stopped and escorted out of the building. Read his speech here and ponder why

Iraqi woman tells of US abuse

More reports are surfacing of prisoner abuse at the notorious Abu Ghraib. However, new accounts report how US guards abused Iraqi women prisoners

Under Cheney, Halliburton Helped Saddam Hussein Siphon Billions from UN Oil-for-Food Program

In the eyes of the mainstream media they may appear antagonistic, locked in a struggle between good and evil. But in reality they may have been partners in crime, working hand-in-glove to loot and defraud

Iraq’s Green Zone Turns Redder by the Day

In the beginning, the “Green” stood for healthy, protected, ready-to-go. Everything outside was dubbed the “Red Zone” — unhealthy and dangerous. But not anymore

Chris Brown Attacked for Walking Children to School

He was leading Palestinian children to school when attacked, with chains and bats. “Please don’t hurt the children, he begged. “Why are you doing this? We’re Americans….” An attacker repeated, “They’re Americans”, he sneered with a heavy Israeli accent

Fantasy Terror Threats Conceal Real Plan to Reduce Population

There is no real opposition in the coming US elections, writes John Kaminski. And its absence dooms America and the rest of the world to a dark future of permanent wars and random extermination

An Island of Faith

I write on a balcony overlooking the azure sea and a fresh red rose shares my company with a few cats. Mt Athos, this green wooded island stretching into Aegean Sea, an independent Christian nation under Greek protectorate, home to twenty massive abbeys is a tranquil paradise; the place where hundreds of monks and thousands […]

Satanic gang leader’s diary sheds light on murder case

The publication of diary entries of the alleged leader of a gang of Satanists, has left Italy in shock

Israeli commander accused of machine-gunning child

In disguised voices and without revealing their identities, two Israeli soldiers told the court of a platoon commander who fired two bullets from close range at the 13 year old girl, who had already been shot, to make sure she was dead

In Their Own Words

“Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has Weapons of Mass Destruction” – Vice President Dick Cheney 8/26/02

For Marines, a Frustrating Fight

“I feel we’re going to be here for years and years and years,” said a US marine serving in Iraq. “I don’t think anything is going to get better; I think it’s going to get a lot worse. It’s going to be like a Palestinian-type deal”

No Palestinian State, No Peace for America

It is time for Americans to recognize that Israel’s interests are in direct conflict with America’s interests, writes Charley Reese

American Airlines Flight 077: More Anomalies

Official US Government’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows NO American Airlines Flight 077 scheduled to leave Washington Dulles International Airport on September 11th, 2001. Take a look for yourself

‘Free’ and ‘Unbiased’ Media?

CNN allowed a skewed poll favouring Bush, but when it favoured Kerry, they yanked it

The New Promised Land?

Why was an Israeli citizen arrested and detained for seven hours after it was noticed that he was driving around rural Oklahoma with what appeared to be a pipe bomb on the roof of his car? Xymphora asks: could this be the beginning of a new Diaspora?