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Proof that Freemasonry is Lying about Albert Pike and the Klu Klux Klan

Albert Pike is to Freemasonry what Shakespeare is to Drama. One is inseperable from the other. Don’t let practiced dissemblers tell you anything different. Freemasonwatch investigates

‘Satanic’ Brotherhood with Clergymen in its Ranks

Freemasonry describes itself on its website as the “UK’s largest secular, fraternal, and charitable organisation”. So why does the new Archbishop of Canterbury think it is a secret society with dubious spiritual credentials? And why does Dr Rowan Williams also believe that Church of England ministers should not belong to the Brotherhood, an organisation he […]

U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge warned last week that al Qaeda wanted to launch an attack within the United States to try to disrupt the election. So contingency plans are being drawn up to postpone the presidential elections, just in case

The Young Lady is a Tramp

Whereas a girl’s first period used to signal her entrance into womanhood, today feminist empowerment and liberal delusion has led to female debauchery. Now, for many young girls, giving oral sex to “lots and lots of guys” marks the occasion

From the Shadows, emerges a New World Order … Their Order

Christianity and Islam have much in common, as is revealed in this article: on Freemasonry, the New World Order and the emergence of the Anti-Christ – otherwise known to Muslims as the Dajjal

‘Snoozy’ Hoon angers troops

Britain’s defence secretary has revealed his real interest in the welfare of British troops deployed in Iraq

Who Really Wants to Invade Saudi Arabia, and Why?

“Fahrenheit 9/11” has done a tremendous favor for some proponents of a war upon the Arabian Peninsula. The film achieves what endless pages of conservative think-tank studies and panel discussions, hours of PR time and books cannot

Why? Asks an Englishman in Palestine

During my stay in Palestine the only people to shoot at me were Israeli soldiers. The only person to threaten me was an Israeli Jew. Strange – it is supposed to be the Palestinians who are the villains of the piece. Rain greeted my arrival at Ben Gurion airport; sheets of it and this continued […]

Handicapped Palestinian pensioner killed as army razes Gaza house

It’s been reported that a handicapped Palestinian pensioner, was found crushed to death after Israeli troops demolished his home

Arafat hints Israel planted Tel Aviv bomb

Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat has condemned Sunday’s deadly bomb attack in Tel Aviv but suggested that it was an act of provocation carried out by the Israelis

Is the Intifada Over?

“The Palestinian Intifada is over, and the Palestinians have lost”, wrote Jewish American columnist Charles Krauthammer recently. Is he right? Israel Shamir ponders the point in his own inimitable way

Voice of the White House June 28, 2004

More sensational reports from a White House insider, this week revealing a side to George W. Bush that would not endear him to Christian conservatives

There are Judges in The Hague

Uri Avnery on the connection between Israel’s ‘Apartheid Wall’ and Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism

Those Who Were Inspired to Hate the Modern World

The Renaissance marked the beginning of the end: the point at which humanity began a headlong slide into materialism and terminal decadence. Edward Rothstein looks at a body of belief that embraces Islam, esoteric Christanity, fascism and the occult

One Jew to Another

Open Letter To: Mr Simon Wiesenthal.
Subject: Nazis Chasing Sixty Years After The War.
From: R. D. Polacco de Menasce France 6-27-4

US Missiles Targeted Against Iran by Israel

Three Israeli Dolphin class submarines arrived at a joint UK/USA base on Diego Garcia recently. The reason for their visit? To collect Harpoon cruise missiles, designed to deliver a nuclear payload

America’s criminal occupation

The Coalition that appeared all powerful only a year ago is floundering in the sands of Mesopotamia. Roger Normand examines how, taking lessons from Israeli war crimes in occupied Palestine, the US has imposed collective punishment on Iraqi civilians

Bilderberg ‘performance’ key to Edwards VP pick

‘He reported back directly to Kerry’ said one participant in the super-secret conference

World Court rules Israel barrier illegal

World Court rules Israel barrier illegal

The International Court of Justice in the Hague has ruled that Israel’s so-called “Apartheid Wall” is illegal

Peter Goodgame on the Kabbalah

The dark, occult history of London and Venice, Masonic intrigue and the rebuilding of the Temple on the Mount – which some say foreshadows the Apocalypse – are all covered in this intriguing letter on the Kabbalah