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Hebron: An Israeli Free-fire Shooting Range

We got an order over … that the city is to be a ghost town… we emptied magazines all night long, tons of ammo, and I remember I fired on an empty school, empty windows, streetlights -just to instil fear” – IDF soldier in the occupied territory

Operation Mason & The Kelly Group

The article below, from Issue 25 of Eye Spy magazine is impressively presented with full-page colour spreads. However the authors appear to be confused about the co-proxamol as they seem to be inferring that Dr Kelly had 90 tablets available to him. According to transcripts from the Hutton Inquiry there were 3 blister packs found […]

Six die in blast targeted at Iraqi minister

How did the ambushers know the Minister would be using this particular route? When he had never travelled this way before?

The Crimes of Bobby Fischer

Wayward chess genius Bobby Fischer has been arrested while trying to leave Japan. Xymphora reflects on the real reasons behind his arrest and pending deportation back to America

Voice of the White House July 10, 2004

More sensational reports from a White House insider. Among the latest revelations: that the informant had seen an official briefing paper recently that states that US Special Forces and other groups are not, repeat not, to nail Osama bin Laden!

The Flight of the Falcon

A year ago, David Kelly took his final walk. He now rests near the family home, but fellow villagers feel no closure

Allawi shot inmates in cold blood, say witnesses

In a cruel twist of fate, the man now in charge of Iraq may turn out to be as bad as Saddam Hussein. Recently, the Sidney Morning Herald carried eyewitness accounts of how Iraq’s new Prime Minister personally executed 6 suspected insurgents

Flame of the Ancient Faith Still Flickers in Iran

The miraculous powers at the shrine of an almost forgotten faith can sometimes still be rekindled

The destruction of the middle class is his real and lasting legacy.

When Ronald Reagan took power in 1981, Americans lived completely different lives. Since then everything has changed for the worse. Reagan began a process that led to where we are today but even then he knew where it would lead

Chambers of the Deep – Removed, apocraphyl

Recent discoveries in Egypt, indicate a prehistoric global network of pyramids and temples, mounted like antennae on key geometric points, which were used by the ancients to stabilize earth’s tectonic plates

The Revolution Starts Here

Right now there is a revolution going on. But don’t expect to hear too much about it in the mainstream media. There is simply too much at stake

Iraqi Academics Targeted In Murder Spree

In the past Barbarians were renowned for destroying culture and knowledge, today though it’s done differently. Since the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, someone has been systematically killing the cream of Iraq’s intelligentsia

Bloodshed in Baghdad as insurgents try to isolate government

In the light of the most recent bombing in Baghdad, Robert Fisk wonders if Tony Blair and Baghdad are on the same planet?

The First Casualty Of Truth

“If Christ returned to the world today”, claimed Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard, he wouldn’t be gunning for the high priests, but others more influential and powerful

Terrorist Outrage? Or Propaganda Ploy?

The recent bombing in Tel Aviv came at a perfect time for Sharon, just when he needed to justify Israel’s “Apartheid Wall” after a negative court ruling. So who was really behind the bombing?

Who Doctored the Dossier and Survived?

11,000 dead, children maimed for life: shall we take it to the vote? Rowena Thursby asks: Who believes they ‘acted in good faith’?

Car Bomb Attack in Baghdad

Despite Tony Blair insisting on tuesday that “Iraq…is a better and safer place without Saddam”: the next day at least 15 people were killed in a bomb attack outside the main entrance to the green zone, the coalition’s heavily defended complex in Baghdad

Bush Regime Working Out Procedures For Postponing November Election

The situation goes from bad to worse. With reports coming in from several sources about the possible postponement of the November presidential elections, under the pretext of a supposed terror threat

More Tales from the ‘City of London’

An insider details some of the rites and rituals in the very heartland of Illuminati power

The Red Symphony Part 2

At midnight, Jan. 26, 1938 Christian G. Rakovsky, 65, was interrorgated by Stalin’s secret police. What he said was recorded. Henry Makow Ph.D. examines a transcript of what some consider the most explosive political document in centuries