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Satanic Degradation

The reactions from the members of the US Congress say it all: “the wings of Hell”, “sadistic”, “appalling”, “awful”, “you just can’t take it any more”

Lawyers Appointed for Two Israelis

Lawyers Appointed for Two Israelis

Unicoi County General Sessions Court Judge David Shultz, appointed lawyers for two Israelis being held here without bond

Chain of Command

Chain of Command

How the Department of Defense mishandled the disaster at Abu Ghraib

Retreat From Iraq?

It may have been unthinkable a few months ago, but with the worsening security situation in Iraq it may become a necessity. A military analyst looks at the options for a get out plan, and its precedent in Korea

The Killings in Falluja

Was the recent slaughter in Falluja all that it seemed to be? Or are there elements we are not being told about? Xymphora on the recent killings in Falluja

The “War on Terror” Continues …

The Al-Hawza al-Natiqa newspaper was closed down recently. The reason, writes Robert Fisk, was that on the 26 February it claimed that the destruction of new Iraqi police barracks in Iskandariyah was caused by a missile fired by an American helicopter

Coalition of the Mercenaries

Their casualties are not included in the regular body counts but they are part of the coalition occupation forces nonetheless. Robert Fisk and Severin Carrell report on the increasing use of mercenaries in Iraq

Robert Fisk talks to Spanish soldiers in Iraq

Robert Fisk talks to Spanish soldiers in Iraq

Transforming Evil — Tackling the Problem

It was once the preserve of isolated alchemists but not anymore. Sevak Gulbekian reflects on what is perhaps the ultimate and most pressing challenge of our times: the transforamtion of evil into good

Fanning the Flames of Conspiracy

Rowena Thursby presents a prime example of how the BBC is no longer reporting hard news. Instead, it refers derisorily to those seeking the truth regarding Dr. Kelly’s death as “Hutton refugees”

Media Monopolies

Notes from a news executive at one of America’s major TV networks, exposing just how the ‘news’ is used as a means of control. In his words: “George Orwell would have roared laughing…”

Exiles From History

The field of Psychohistory has opened up new possibilities in answer to difficult social problems. David McCalden book proffers new vistas in the exploration of answers to one in particular

“The Passion” is a Major Disappointment

The movie inspires a disheartening sense of God’s feebleness and the Power of Evil. That’s why I give credence to those critics who suspect Gibson of a hidden satanic agenda.

Israel, US ‘main beneficiaries’

Leading Muslims have accused America and Israel of sponsoring the attacks in Karbala and Baghdad, in an attempt to provoke internal strife and prolong US occupation

Thousands of Palestinians Flee Hardships

Israel says the barrier is meant to keep out attackers but critics see a more sinister side. Noting that it has been instrumental in forcing many Palestinians from their homes and land. In effect, it has become an instrument of ethnic cleansing

You can’t judge a movie by the reviews it gets

Mercury News recently published a scathing review of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”, describing it as “excruciating.” Readers responded by accusing the paper of being “shills” for the entertainment industry

Film Highlights Christian Jewish Difference

Mel Gibson’s latest movie, The Passion, has stirred a veritable hornet’s nest of controversy. Jewish born Henry Makow Ph.D. reflects on the implications

Kali Yuga: Updated

Predictions about the age of Kali Yuga may have seemed improbable when they were first made. But today, thousands of years later, many are coming true and Rosie Reid (left) is the latest example

‘No weapons stockpiles in Iraq’

In contrast to Bush and Blair, chief weapons inspector David Kay says that he does not think that Iraq had any Weapons of Mass Destruction

Rumsfeld Considers Striking Hizbullah

Reports coming in from Jerusalem suggest Donald Rumsfeld is seriously considering strikes against Hizbullah … in order to provoke Syria