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An Illegal and Immoral War

We have been told that there were “contracted” interrogators at Abu Ghraib. So who were these mysterious “interrogators”? If they were not CIA or FBI staff, who were they?

Tape of 911 was Destroyed

Officially it’s a simple mistake, a case of an over zealous official over stepping the mark. In plain language it’s a cover-up

12 American Marines Executed in Fallujah

Reports of heavy fighting are coming in from Fallujah, and yet again the mainstream media is telling half the story

Who is John Israel? Why was he Running the Show?

An Ian Fisher article in The New York Times and The Guardian yesterday reveals a great deal about the abuse that was filmed at Abu Graib prison. What is clear from reading the article is that the incident was set up to be filmed and that the interpreter, a civilian contractor working for the 205th […]

US military confirms existence of horrific pictures and video

The Bush administration seems set for more negative press, as new images – worse than those already seen – are about to be published

A Chronology – What Bush said as the Iraq prison scandal unfolded

“Iraq is free of rape rooms and torture chambers.”—President Bush, remarks to 2003 Republican National Committee Presidential Gala, Oct. 8, 2003

WING Spotlight Interview: John Kaminski

“The only thing can save the world is a worldwide revolution to regain control of the money supply, throw the entire government as well as mainstream media in jail for obstruction of justice and accessory to mass murder”

Israeli officer killed in Hizb Allah clash

Al Jazeera reports that there has been a sudden flare up in a disputed Lebanese border area, as Israeli troops clash with Islamic resistance fighters

Mossad suspected in Yanbu refinery attack

Exactly who was behind the recent terror attack in Saudi Arabia? Muslim extremists? Al-Qaeda? Or was it perhaps, a false flag operation? Warning: some of the images contained herein are not for the sensitive

Prelude to a Clampdown?

Prelude to a Clampdown?

No matter where you are, you are never entirely safe, the terror threat is ever present, despite the best efforts of the authorities. Or so they would have you believe

Torture at Abu Ghraib

Islamic hardliners couldn’t have asked for better propaganda. Indeed pictures of leering US G.I’s, women as well as men, taunting naked Iraqis have generated unprecedented anti-American sentiment. Seymour M. Hersh investigates

Prisoner abuse ‘ordered by military’

Staff Sergeant Frederick, one of six US military policemen accused of humiliating Iraqi prisoners, wrote home in January that he had “questioned” his orders but was told: “‘This is how military intelligence wants it done'”

Anti-Americanism is a Globalist Ploy

Reports and pictures coming from Iraq, of prisoners being abused, are truly abhorrent. But don’t be fooled, there may be far more to these reports than is apparent

Former U.S. Diplomats To Send Letter to President Bush

Retired British diplomats recently published a letter to Tony Blair, which questioned his Mid East policies. Inspired by this, retired US diplomats have circulated a letter questioning US foreign policy. The response is said to have been “staggering”

Zionist Agents Fail in Attempt to Assassinate New Hamas Leader

After killing Hamas leader Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi in April, Israeli agents are reported to have attempted to assassinate his successor

War Propaganda

No American should ever kill or die except in defense of this country, writes Charley Reese. And no corporation should be allowed to make a profit off the blood of American soldiers

WTC South Tower Upper Floors Closed on 9/8 & 9/9

“…without power there were no security cameras, no security locks…and many, many ‘engineers’ in and out of the tower… on the morning of 9/11… watching events unfold I was convinced immediately that something was happening related to the weekend work”

In the Name of God

A Jew who converted to Christianity Benjamin Freedman, an adviser to 6 US Presidents, gives an insiders account of the hidden hand of Zionism

US suffers multiple attacks in Iraq

A mortar attack has killed six US soldiers in western Iraq, with five more dying in other parts of the occupied country

Terrorists Maybe Using New Zealand Passports

Police fear al Qaeda terrorists using NZ passports following arrest of 2 men in Thailand and seizure of fake NZ passports. But where did they get those passports?