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Corruption in the Coroner’s Court

The coroner’s court is another place where the Masons often preside. This merely reflects Masonic dominance in the professions from which coroners are selected: the law and medicine. Until recently Gloucester’s District Coroner was the Freemason Russel Jessop. In 1978 this solicitor was Grand Registrar: England’s fifth highest Mason that year. For ten years he […]

Deaths of scores of mercenaries not reported

The full total of mercanaries killed in Iraq recently, write Robert Fisk and Patrick Cockburn, may have been concealed, for fear of the political fallout

U.S. Deploys for Showdown With Cleric

US troops, tanks and artillary converged on Najaf, while across Iraq fighting continued with more ambushes and another helicopter downed near Fallijah

‘Shut Up’

Thanks to the subservience of many members of the press, writes Robert Fisk, the US led administration in Iraq has had an easy time

Bush’s Stalingrad is Baghdad’s Revenge

A year ago, Henry Makow Ph. D. wrote that it would happen. Now it appears to becoming an ugly reality

“You Are a Liar”

Popular discontent grows. Across the Western world people are questioning the fundamental pillars of government. As evidenced by this open letter from a former Assistant Secretary of Housing to the National Security Adviser

Big Brother Britain

As surveillance grows, so does concern about privacy in the world’s most closely watched nation

Condi Rice and the Cover Story

To distract attention from a crime, writes John Rappoport, you need a cover story. Which is exactly what Condeleeza Rice provided last week

Four killed as RI’s Mer-C ambulance hit by U.S. missile

Reports coming in from Jakarta indicate that an ambulance, donated by an Indonesian charity organisation, was blasted by a US jet last week

First Hand Reports from Fallujah

Foreign aid workers and residents of the beleaguered town tell a story that is very different from the one being told by the mainstream media

Let’s Hear Both Sides

There are two sides to every story and until fairly recently only one version of the Holocaust was being heard. However, that is changing as “revisionist” history gains greater credibility and wider acceptance. Mark Weber explains why

Fatal Exposure: Secrets and Lies

A month before his death, Dr David Kelly gave an interview in which he was the epitome of urbane charm. “Affable, clearly enjoying his job, patriotic” and, “very loyal to the Ministry of Defence”, he seemed hardly likely to commit suicide

Village Vampire Slayers in Grave Trouble

Stories of vampires are not confined to horror movies in Romania. As Justin Sparks discovered on a trip to the rural lowlands, belief in the undead is widespread

Iraqis do not want us

On the anniversary of Baghdad’s capture, Robert Fisk reflects on what it has brought Iraq and its occupiers

Baghdad and Parts of Central Iraq Chaotic

Earlier in the day the US proconsul announced a ceasefire in Fallujah, but as darkness fell US C-130 gunships pounded the rebel city

Iraq in Turmoil on Anniversary of Saddam’s Fall

One year after the final capture of Baghdad and Iraq is in turmoil, as large parts of the country are now in open rebellion against the occupation

Myahudi Monsters Maul Madrid

Within days of the Madrid terror attacks the mainstream media was suggesting that it was the work of al-Qaedi. But was this really the case? Or as Joe Vialls suggests, are we witnessing a carefully staged show meant to steer public opinion?

The Evening Standard Doctored Photos

The Evening Standard Doctored Photos

Last year, London’s biggest selling evening paper published photos, allegedly showing Iraqis cheering the arrival of Coalition forces. We show how they were faked

Mass Joy for Mass Media

Images of Iraqis celebrating the toppling of Saddam’s statue were broadcast across the world. But were they all that they seemed?

Sacked WMD adviser: I won’t lie

A senior Defence adviser has been sacked after refusing to write media briefings that supported claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. “I felt like I was part of the propaganda machine”, she says